Ou topus 無止境(01): a series on comics and sequential art 一個有關「漫畫 – 連環藝術」的切磋系列

No place. Good place. Comics is such a place. 無這地方。好的地方。漫畫就是這樣的一個地方。

Date日期: 6-12-2015 | Time時間: 4:00-7:00pm | Seat名額: 15 | Fees費用: $40
*participants may bring along 1 comic book / their artworks for the sharing session參加朋友們請帶備個人喜好的漫畫或個人藝術創作前來,令討論更到肉。

O1: Comics as Fuel 切磋(1)漫畫源料 | by Andio Lai黎仲民帶領 | 1st journey to the Ou topus… (全程共8次)

▫ We will examine a set of classics examples of comics and writings about ‘sequential art’. From history to the theories of the medium, the session gives a brief guide to comics as ‘’fuel’’ for creative activities.

Not limited to comics lovers and artists, sequential art is a unique set of knowledge connected with drawing, visual communication, storytelling, artistic production, material research and so on.

▫ Our ou topus journey will also rely on discussion and sharing between participants about the medium.


無止境 第一次旅程。

▫ 我們會由一些經典及參考去檢視「漫畫-連環藝術」。由漫畫媒介的歷史和理論入手,環節將以漫畫作“源料”為概括,加以引導,至用在創作之上。

▫ 有關「漫畫-連環藝術」的概念不局限於漫畫愛好者及創作人。它們橫跨繪畫、視覺傳意、故事敍述、藝術製作和物理研究方面的資料搜集等。

▫ 這環節還會進行各位對漫畫的討論及分享。