Pricing – a workshop for FP artists (2015.08.29) by Isaac Leung

[report] Dr. Isaac Leung spent 4 hours with the Floating Projects Collective to discuss the nature of “value” and “pricing” of artworks and how to propose a price for one’s own works.

29 August 2015 (Sat) / 4:30-8:30pm

Floating Projects, WCH

In the workshop, Leung talked about 12 criteria that would affect the floating value of an art work. We also used concrete examples from among the FPC members to challenge traditional boundaries and categorization. We had a digital play object that could be at once a sculpture, an interactive device, an installation or an App, a series of research-based mixed media objects as a single work, a drawing that captures the process of electric waves as much as functions as a score for future works, and more.