2021.12.16-19 Floating Projects @ BOOKED 2021: networked subjectivities and expanding self-publishing

Floating Projects is at BOOKED (Tai Kwun) a second time after 2019. 「據點。句點」成員及友好的小書大作第二度參與大館今年十二月的藝術書展。

We are at booth #5, 1/F JC Gallery. 16-19 December 2021. 請來5號書桌探訪我們。

Our book table is twinned with Canada-based Art Metropole. Their publications will be available at Floating Projects’ sales corner after BOOKED. 今次我們和加拿大的AM 攣台展書。書展後AM出版將繼續在據點售賣角出售,請來慢慢看。


網絡主觀性與記述的衝動 Networked Subjectivities and Documentary Impulses


Speaker: Linda Lai, Winsome Wong
Language: Cantonese
Location: Workshops Area (1/F F Hall)

在座談中,講者將會先介紹據點。句點以及團隊所出版的錄像宣言系列,並分享今年出版的《我們的錄像宣言 ② 記述的衝動》中重要的公開徵集概念,闡述該書本項目如何從過去出版發展而成。團隊亦會介紹讀者閱讀及使用該書的方法,並分享他們與眾多電影創作者的錄像對話所產生的思考。座談亦會預告《我們的錄像宣言》系列的計劃,以及錄像雜誌的簡述。

2016 年,以研究主導創作的跨領域藝術家黎肖嫻博士開展了錄像書寫宣言計劃,其時,製造影像的工具無遠弗屆、層出不窮已不是新鮮事,正是思量如何重新開發聲影活動的時候,藉此推動錄像藝術的轉化。錄像藝術強調以流動影像去「書寫」;書寫即意味著積極主動的把我們個人的主體性插入以懲治與操控為本的當代社會。我們慶幸能夠集合到一群遺世獨立、勤懇奮進的錄像書寫人在一起;各人帶來了激烈的思辯以外,也能為自己的創作於當下留下註腳,繼續上路。中英雙語、共365頁的《我們的錄像宣言 ② 記述的衝動》囊括了49位本地與海外錄像書寫人的錄像宣言、共67份錄像作品。

In this talk, Floating Projects founder Linda Lai, along with fellow member Winsome Wong, will share about the Manifesto series published by the team, in relation to the connections between books and video art. Throughout the talk, the speakers will discuss Floating Projects’ published manifesto series, including the concept for the open call that led to the newly published Manifesto 2, and its progression from the inaugural edition. The team members will also share ways of approaching the book by readers, along with some thoughts from conversations with different filmmakers and considering future plans for the Manifesto series and video zines.

The Manifesto series on videography, launched in 2016, is a project initiated by research-based interdisciplinary artist, Dr. Linda Chiu-han Lai, to encourage the repurposing of videography in a time when image-making tools are ubiquitous: Videography highlights “writing” with moving images; and writing asserts the proactive insertion of our subjectivities into our contemporary society of discipline and control. As such, we have gathered self-directed, diligent videographers to enter a series of rigorous dialogues and to become a theorist of their own practice. , a 365-page bilingual book, includes 49 local and overseas videographers’ manifestos, and a total of 67 video works.