AYUMI ADACHI Solo Show 影響 Influence of 0.013″


About 0.013 second
In Buddhism, they use a Sanskrit word “ksana” to measure time, which is a tiny unit of time — such a small amount of time that all kinds of things that happen elude our conscious awareness. And this amount of time is approximately one seventy-fifth of a second, i.e. 0.013s.

In every Ksana (=0.013), the “Born, Live, Die” cycle recurs in human consciousness.

In this exhibition, I will investigate the INFLUENCE of 0.013 second to the infinite life cycle with my new art installation at Floating Projects.

“影響”(“Influence” in English) is both the Japanese and Chinese title.
It is derived from the concept of

“Shadow follows object; echo replies to sound.”

This is the law of nature.

Objects exert influences on one another and produce infinite spontaneous changes, which reflect the nature of the recurring life cycle of “Born, Live, Die.”

While you are viewing my artwork, your shadow is interacting with the shadow of my artwork. At the same time, they are influencing each other creating a new form of interaction creating influences…………..

This is the experience I hope you will explore and be conscious of in your life.

Let’s enjoy and play with the shadows.



佛教經文中提及到一個梵語 – ”瞬間”

這次於Floating Projects的展覽會展出最新的裝置作品,就「瞬間」(這0.013秒)對我們人生以至大世界的影響作一個深入的探討。

「影響」 為此次展覽的日文及中文題目(英文為INFLUENCE”)。這個詞源自「如影隨形;回響應對著聲音」的概念,發生在我們生命中無可避免的自然定律。當萬物受到外圍的因素影響,萬物也為周邊事物造成影響。在這種相輔相成的情況下,推論出人生一個不變的
“誔生、存在、滅亡” 的循環。

當你身在現場, 你會發現所有影子 (你的、我的作品的) 都在互動著也在影響著對方。這些影響帶來的變化也重複地衍生其他變化及影響………..









  • 19th Feb 2016 (Fri) 18:30-21:00. Opening reception
  • 19th Feb (Fri) - 3th Mar (Sun) 2016
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