NOTHING CAN COME CLOSER 無法取得位置 2019.02.23 – 03.17 @ Floating Projects

// YIP Kai-chun 葉啟俊

卡式帶在這個地方的旅程 ⇔ 我在各地乘地鐵火車的旅程

《越過高山越過谷》| 葉啟俊 | 卡式帶機、卡式帶、膠圈等, ~8’ 30”, 2019

Cassette tape travelling in this space ⇔ Me travelling on trains in different places
Similarities between the two:
1) Fun, fun, fun;
2) The farther the better;
3) Things fade out bit by bit;
4) Troubles happen;
5) Go as long as it could

Somewhere over the rainbow | Yip Kai-chun
Cassette player, cassette, plastic rings etc, ~8’ 30”, 2019

























// Winnie Yan 忻慧妍


《氹氹轉呀轉又轉中華花園五里遠》 | 忻慧妍 | 畫、紙本、動畫| 2016

The series of drawings documents a daily attempt to draw a map every night without browsing the internet or
any photographs taken during my journey in Geneva. It is stemmed from the experience of both recognising the direction of
a place with reference to my guest “home,” and that of getting lost to places which pass by me every day.

Merry-go-round Round and Round, Chinese Garden is Out of Town, YAN Wai-yin
Drawings and Pages, Animation Installation, 2016




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