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打開門 Floating Events

Relentless Melt No. 10: Year of the Bore

Relentless Melt No. 10: Year of the Bore/ Curated by Max Hattler/ 23 January 2019 (Wednesday) 6:00-8:00pm

Partnership 據點演繹, Stock-taking 點子上倉


A One night Live Performance curated by Frederique Decombe 16 / 12 / 2018. 18:00 – 19:00 (starts 18:00 sharp)

Partnership 據點演繹

據點一杯茶 Floating Cafe


Crossing the Distance Between Reading and Speaking

Zach McLane and Susan Lin, two fresh graduates from USC, visited the Floating Projects and activities associated with FP members all over Hong Kong a weekend in late September. Zach returns with a “dedication” to mark the brief moment of his trip which seems the new beginning of many things to come. And what about videography?


through eyes, we wander / through hands, perhaps speak and sing 若然透過眼睛游離,以手說話唱歌

FP writer Winnie Yan’s thoughts on the unique, interchangeable place of the artist’s hands and eyes, and the pro-musicial quality of moving image streams, were provoked in her visit at the EXiS 2018 while contemplating the works of montage masters such as Stan Brakhage and Robert Breer, and recently fuelled by her direct encounter with 16mm filmmaking. 「據點」作者忻慧妍遊訪首爾的實驗電影與錄像節2018,眼前眾蒙太奇大師如Stan Brakhage 和 Robert Breer 的作品,加上個人近期親身「落手」的16釐米電影拍攝經驗,勾起了各種對活動影像的迷思:手與眼的結合,影像流的近音樂性等等。


「歧路結節,開合解密」, 談羅海德個展 A review of Hector Rodriguez’s “Hidden Variables: Forking Paths of Visuality & Technology”

作為一個進深的影像活動研究者,張子木回顧剛完滿結束的羅海德首個個展(「文字機器創作集」第六輯),探出有別於一般影像創作的理路、胸襟。Zhang Zimu, advanced researcher of moving image events, sheds light on Hector Rodriguez’s unusual rationale, impulses, technical and theoretical approaches to moving-image making as critique, as were articulated in the first solo show he just completed for the the Writing Machine Collective 6th edition.