Expænsive Cinema: An FPC Production |《吹脹.影像》:據點。句點藝術群體出品

(**UPDATE**) 11 March – 2 April 29 April 2017 at Floating Projects 3月11日 至 4月2日 4月29日據點.句點打開門

Opening Hours | 開放時間:
2pm – 8pm,  Closed on Mondays | 逢星期一休息

Opening Reception with the artists| 展覽開幕:
2017.03.11 (Sat 六) 5:30pm – 7:30pm

(**NEW**) Artist Roundtable| 藝術家討論會:
2017.04.02 (Sun 日) 6:00pm – 8:00pm
(FB event page: https://www.facebook.com/events/1672547546375132/ )

Participating Artists | 參展藝術家:
Jess LAU Ching-wa | Andio LAI Chung-man | LAM Kin-choi | LEE Kai-chung | Kel LOK Man-chung |
Bill TAM Wing-bill | WONG Fuk-kuen | Winnie YAN Wai-yin | Hugo YEUNG Ming-him
劉清華 | 黎仲民 | 林建才 | 李繼忠 | 駱敏聰 |
譚永標 | 黃福權 | 忻慧妍 | 楊鳴謙

Curators | 策展人:
Bill TAM Wing-bill | Hugo YEUNG Ming-him
譚永標 | 楊鳴謙

 Note from curator | 策展人的話:


Artist-run art-production site Floating Projects will open door to feature a series of alternative, inexpensive moving-image art pieces to expand our perspectives on “cinema” — as a medium with custom-made “projection devices”, as algorithmic digital analysis of found images, and as composition exercises using pre-narrative image fragments.

“Expanded Cinema” is a known historical concept. In what ways is the practice of moving image still expandable and expanding? Nine members of the FP Collective will occupy the site to state their proposition.

FP’s media archive, of a wide range of local experimental video works, is also available for access along with the exhibition.

由據點.句點藝術群體主辦的「吹脹.影像」展覽將於3月11日 至 4月29日在據點.句點舉行。展覽以影像、電影為題,記述句點藝術家如何用最經濟的方法去擴大和拓展活動影像的界線。


同場加映:倉底錄像——遺留在攝錄機裏的實驗。據點數碼活動影像存庫 打開門…。