Be Right Back To Where You’ve Left, Andy Li’s solo show. 那天會回到你那邊(李新傑個展)

Be Right Back To Where You’ve Left. 那天會回到你那邊
Li SanKit‘s solo show, ADC Emerging Artists Scheme
Exhibition period : 7/8/2020 – 30/8/2020 @ Floating Project JCCAC


We spend our life producing numerous kinds of images: portraits of friends, portraits of family, portraits of our beloved one, portraits of someone who long passed away… These images further convey, reveal, disclose and confirm our emotion and relationship to these photographed subjects. The act of photographing constructs a memory shared by us and the subjects, and the photograph becomes some sort of memento that we hold on to, mentally and physically.

The seven portraiture works selected for “Be right back to where you’ve left” are my contemplation of using the photographic media as extensions for interpersonal relationships. By considering the process of image making, I turn the experience of seeing (or not-seeing) the images into a way to further extend or deepen the relationship itself within time. Going through conceptual and visual transformation, the act of photographing (recording) someone is not merely to make an nth document; it is an event in itself. The photographic acts become part of the relationship. In analogue photography, there is usually a time gap between the moment a photo was taken and when the subject could review the picture. As the photo is being shared, the moments gone past are back. A printed photo contains both time and recollection; it becomes a physical object of time and relationship. The works in this show raise the above issues and experiment with what a portrait could be, beyond the representation of someone’s face.

We are in an era surrounded by oceans of images for consumption, constantly bombarded by visual stimuli. Sometimes we have forgotten what portraiture truly means. There is the need for us to go back to the root of photography, to re-examine or awaken the sentiment and poetry that lie behind this medium.

| Andy Li (LI San-kit), July 2020




| 李新傑 2020年7月






The Photograph Ahead Of The Hearse (WIP) 車頭相

Engraved marble cenotaph


Once (2020) 一次

16mm film projection installation


3, 2, 1 (2020)  三, 二, 一

Photography, Archival inkjet prints


We didn’t see each other that day but I did take a photo of you. (WIP)那天我們沒有見面, 但我有拍下你的照片

      1. The Stranger Lady In My Flat / 常在我家出現的陌生女子
      2. The Great Friend Who About To Get Married / 一位將要結婚的好朋友

Photography installation, video with sound


Looking through the viewfinder (from the other end) (2020) 從另外一面看取景器

Photography, archival inkjet print


You can only see what’s in front, not what’s behind (2020) 只看到前面, 看不到後面

Photography, Instant Film