*active FP1.0

case – a container; an instance; a situation . . . 

The name case-open-close suggests the nature of projects it envisions: cases travelling from and to different places, keeping open, in whatever forms and places it sees fit.

case-open-close hopes to bring together artists, creators & any other interesting people  who may otherwise not have the chance to meet and inspire each other. It has a particular interest in fresh and free-spirited minds that are less seen and known outside of major art and cultural venues. Similarly, case-open-close hopes to drift to locations less explored, opening cases less known. With its cases, it hopes to dissolve conventional boundaries and frameworks.

case-open-close is initiated by Chow Yik and Yip Kai-Chun, Hong Kong.

– – –

case – 盒、事例、情景 . . . . . .

case-open-close (「盒」、「開」、「合」) 這個名字闡明其展望的計劃:由不同地方流動、集結,保持開放,不受形式、地方所限。



Yip Kai Chun: