Arkajolie (Ingrid Hoelzl)

Experimental Musician and Performer / Digital Image Theorist

Arkajolie (b. 1979) is an experimental musician, free improviser and performer, working with extended voice, clarinet and found instruments. She is frequently collaborating with electronic/experimental/noise and classical contemporary musicians (Lars Akerlund, Alfia Bekova, William Lane, Dennis Wong, Jonathan Zorn, Caligine/naturalismo, a.o.). She is a founding member of AGE (Algorithmic Glitch Ensemble) and of Archetype Ensemble initiated by Dennis Wong. In her solo performances, she integrates martial arts, extended vocals and conceptual performance art.

Aka Ingrid Hoelzl, she is Assistant Professor at the School of Creative Media, Hong Kong, teaching and researching in critical, digital and posthuman/extinct theory. With independent writer Remi Marie, she has recently published the book Softimage (launched at Floating Projects in October 2015) and is now working on a new book project on the Postimage.


Recent performances:

Rökridån, Stockholm, 6 July 2014; free improv set: Lars Akerlund (electronics, monochord); Arkajolie (voice, monochord); video; recording

Rökridån, Stockholm, 6 July 2014; solo performance, “Ichbinich”; video

Lee Shau Kee School of Creativity, Hong Kong, 14 May 2016; Archetype Ensemble debut performance (Liang Guojian, William Lane and Dennis Wong) at DEATH & RENEWAL, Kill The Silence: LUFF does Hong Kong; video

Videotage, Hong Kong, 7 May 2016; free improv set with Jonathan Zorn, Alfia Nakipbekova and Paul Yip at Papay Gyro Nights 2016 Hong Kong closing night; video

Focal Fair, Hong Kong, 29 April 2016; free improv set with Jon Wesseltoft, Alex Yiu and PAL PAL at Papay Gyro Nights 2016 Hong Kong; video

Floating Projects, Hong Kong, 6 March 2016; solo performance “Prim/v/ate Worlds”; video

School of Creative Media, Hong Kong, 22 January 2016; AGE # All Green Exodus at noise=noise (Arkajolie: clarinet, vocals, flute, percussion; Wong Chun Hoi: clarinet, voice, electronics); video

Floating Projects, Hong Kong, 26 December 2015, AGE # X Anti-Gravity Eclecticism/Anti-Greetings Extremism, performance/improv with wongchunhoi9, Naturalismo & Andio Lai; video

XP, Beijing, 16 June 2015; free improv with Zhu Wenbo at Zoomin’ Night (Arkajolie: clarinet, melodica; Zhu Wenbo: bass clarinet); recording