A set of 3 black-and-white photographs on light-boxes speaks of Harmanjeet Singh’s warning on our destruction of the world. It’s a closed circuit, the looping of disasters: personal life-style, environmental pollution, illness and viral infection, extinction of the species, the world’s future… at Ventriloquists…Thinking narratively, 4-19 July 2020. 三張黑白照,串通個人、環境、體內、疾病、地球的未來。因與果是循環。

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Harmanjeet Singh: Awareness (2020)
3 images from a video sequence on environmental protection, presented on 3 light-boxes, each 28.6 x 18.7cm (image area 26.2 x 16.2cm), arranged vertically in the order shown below

The 3-image series installed in The Ventriloquists is from an indicative short video on the potential outcomes of excessive exploitation of planet earth. The video visually presents an illusory phenomenon regarding the disposal of trash into water, which, in most circumstances, may be deemed an effective and harmless way of getting rid of waste. In reality, waste disposal is an unforeseen ticking bomb. Plastic, in particular, is largely unloaded into the sea where it is never destroyed. As a matter of fact, waste thrown into sea is simply hovering around people in the air and the amount of plastic and other waste simply shows plastic consumption is a selfish act. Are we ready to get rid of such habits, even temporarily? But it is only a matter of time before we start drinking from the sea we discard in and how appallingly we take care of sea animals.

on-site view (below)

on-site display in lightbox set at Ventriloquists…Thinking Narratively, Floating Projects


Original video on animal and civilization by Harmanjeet Singh (2020)