Title: PRISMATIC: an exhibition on bodily interactions by CITYU SCM MFA students

Curated by Lilian Song and Ray LC [event post with poster]

“PRISMATIC” features a series of works and works in progress designed and created in a MFA course Research Through Fabrication at City University of Hong Kong, School of Creative Media. Research Through Fabrication looks at artistic and design practice from the lens of learning through doing and making as essential parts of the research process. The MFA students conducted physical making through in-class collaborative tasks, including work with Arduino programming, garment making, leather working, laser cutting, wood-shopping, etc., leading to production of a work for an exhibition. This exhibition is meant to explore the design practices on bodily interactions and wearable interactions. All the projects are mentored by RAY LC.

Reception: 2021.11.26 | 6:30-8:30pm | Exhibition period: 2021.11.26-28 (THREE days only)




1.  Paths of Growth | Melody Qingmei Li, Jianing Zhang, Hairong Yin | dimension variable  | Expressive Body Accessories

2. Mixer Glove | Chengdong ZHAO, Xiaobu WANG, Hao WANG | 13cm*25cm | Interactive Rehab Glove

3. Show Off by Kicks | Zhou Yanwu, Zheng Chaorui | 27cm* 15cm | Interactive Footwear

4. Smart Wallet | Wang Zihao, Huang Yutong, Yao Yanqi | 25cm*17cm | Interactive Wallet

5. Mask of Harmony | Yung Ka Mak, Xiaozhi HU, Longman Luk | 30cm*20cm*17cm | Interactive Mask

6. Clad Cameras | Song Zijing. Zhang Lina, Wang Ningxin | dimension variable | Machine Clothing

7. Lie Detector Pocket | Willem Xu | variable | Interactive Device

8. Gallery Beat | SU Tiantian, DENG Yuanyuan, Green | 100cm*50cm | Illuminated Garment

9. Interactive Cosplay | Zhu Mengyao, Meng Xin, Lai Xiang | 150cm*100cm | Interactive Costume