Knowledge market, workshops, cooking… daily life at Documenta’s collective school. 16-20 July 2022…


**feature image: Dory Cheng and John Chow in a boat-making workshop, from Dory Cheng’s camera

STOP PRESS: NOW. “We gonna put the boats on the river today.” — Dory Cheng

boat-building in progress — john Chow’s photos



Activities for 20 July 2022:

1300 class | 1500 workshop | 1800 cooking dinner with Asia Art Archive


Dory Cheng (front left) with visitors from Hong Kong: May Fung and TANG Kwok-hin (AAA event speaker) Valerie C. Doran and more. Photo by John Chow.



from Dory Cheng’s camera. 16 July

Open work space, from Dory Cheng’s camera


FP at the Knowledge Market, from Dory Cheng’s camera. Playing with FP’s logo


Dory’s certificate



More to come… Stay with us.

On-going journals: FP at Documenta 15