First two weeks at Documenta 15’s Gudspace… John Chow shares his initial experience of co-living via a photo diary. The FP at Documenta journal series continues…


The view I woke up to every morning – it’s a busy road outside. — John Chow


We decided to do a “biket” (“cleaning up” in Indonesian) and rearrange the kitchen shelves because it was too messy, 2 July 2022. **Gudspace is open to the general public in the form of an open kitchen.


Midnight capture of the Gudskul Kitchen, a rare quiet moment, 6th July.


Public program To Give And Expect Nothing In Return(Harap Memberi Tak Harap Kembali). 3 July 2022. John Chow and Dory Cheng: exhausted, they said.


We held a guided tour for Zumu (Israel-based educators group) inside the GudSpace exhibition area, 11 July 2022.


Farewell karaoke party with many Gudskul’s members and participants in the previous round of 50-day co-living: we sang for 3 hours, a sad but heart-warming night, 14 July 2022


More to come… Stay with us.

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