WCH Assemblage #2: I reached out to a stone and picked up a box of paper butterflies |黃竹坑聚疊(二):當摸著石頭,拾了一箱紙蝴蝶

WCH Assemblage #2 黃竹坑聚疊(二)
08.09.2015 – 22.09.2015

I reached out to a stone and picked up a box of paper butterflies…

A Chinese saying goes, “The dusts finally settled.” That perhaps is true of Floating Projects’ physical move-in. But “incidental” accidents keep coming to force us to clean-shave, to trim, to streamline, … and to consolidate once again what Floating Projects set out and sought to do. Thanks to all challenges of literal, conceptual and practical nature: these have kept FP rolling the stone up the mountain faster than we assumed.

On a public holiday that slipped in unexpectedly in early September 2015, just another ordinary Thursday I felt, I was walking with Fuk-kuen through the streets in the familiar Wong Chuk Hang industrial area, looking for dumped materials. We opened a small box lying on the street side. It was full of paper butterflies, each with a small magnet embedded. We kept walking and found a few smooth, white, small stones on the floor.

On FP an art production site, the ‘second hand’ art that we produced physically with found objects in the WCH Assemblage series may simply be ‘second hand’ garbage in the future, awaiting discharge at the landfill. In assembling disused materials, are we merely forcing a second life on those objects? I must admit WCH Assemblage as a concept has been somewhat abstract and not easy to grasp – until I physically engaged myself to play the game. Searching materials nearby and moving them with sweat flooding, I realized there is no room for pretension. Abstract ‘assemblage’ may be, the basic game rules require total honesty. Now I believe this is so far a place-holder for mutual learning among FP’s artists.

In a time when no one affords to fully represent others, FP’s WCH Assemblage contains different FP artists’ unique modes of “being-here-on-site” – passers-by drawing passers-by.

Action now.
(Wong Chun Hoi / Artistic Engineer)


List of participating artists: (according to the order they place their work here)

LAI Chung-man Andio
LOK Man-chung
Linda LAI Chiu-han
WONG Fuk-kuen
CHEUK Wing-nam
LO Lai-lai Natalie
LEE Kai-chung







(王鎮海 / 藝工程師)