2021.06.19 D-Normal/V-Essay expanding… “Fresh Videos, In-depth Transformation” – 3 views on one’s footprints 新鮮錄像:我的足印

據點《平地數碼》膨脹學習見面系列 D-Normal/V-Essay expanded meeting/learning series 

A special program curated by D-Normal/V-Essay editor and project chief Linda Lai to honor three accomplished works fresh from this May:

THREE Hong Kong-born young videographers find very different ways and reasons to reconstruct their past, which turn out to be three adventurous artistic journeys.

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2021.06.19 4:00-6:00 @ Floating Projects

The three artists will meet the audience and talk about how they have worked through their months of search and discovery.

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NGAI Tsz-kwan 魏芷軍: A Trip to There 《我在追憶,我在追,我在》(2021.05) 20m16s

I travel along the timeline, keep asking myself where I can be led to. Yet no one answers but only me wandering alone.

A trip to there is an experimental video essay about me reading my past and … …


Briar Faith Paez Monsod: Liminality and the Full Stop that Never Came (2021.05) 21m11s

Guided by the freedom of experimental video, i gathered years worth of memories through photos, videos and writing … [to visualize] a plethora of individualities, to allow them to acquire new vernaculars in language.  … All that is left is the question that echoes across every life-changing moment: “who am I?”


PUN Tsz-wai 潘子懷: Years Flow Like Water 《日落照》(2021.05) 14m07s

Years Flow Like Water details a fictional encounter between a filmmaker and an elephant opposite a playground in Lai Chi Kok. By evoking Lai Yuen Amusement Park and Canto-pop Icon Anita Mui as symbols of Hong Kong’s collective memory, the film explores the nature of nostalgia and the passing of time.



featured images: screenshots from Ngai Tsz-kwan’s video


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** 此活動為「平地數碼」的支援活動。 This is a supporting event for D-Normal / V-Essay.