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現在進行 | Present Continuous – 黃福權個人展覽 | A Solo Exhibition by Wong Fuk-kuen

[FP members’ solo series 據點成員作品發表系列]

展覽日期 | Exhibition Period:

2016.08.20 (Sat) - 2016.09.03 (Sat)







This is a question I always ask: being or not? While being might just be an appearance, not-being does not necessarily imply non-being.

To capture the state of being seems a lifelong pursuit for me.

Free up your senses. Through the micro states of being I illumine through my installation and improvised performance, I invite you to magnify your perceptual experiences to find a fresh, though short-lived, world of amazement.




開放時間 | Opening Hours: 2:00pm – 8:00pm (逢一休 | Closed on Mondays)

展覽地點 | Exhibition Venue: 據點・句點  Floating Projects

香港黃竹坑道40號貴寶工業大廈8樓D室  |  Room D, 8/F, Kwai Bo Industrial Building, No.40 Wong Chuk Hang Road


首個周末:展覽開幕 | Opening Reception

2016.08.20 (Sat) ,5:00pm-7:00pm


第二個周末:聯合導賞團 | Crossover Guided Tour

2016.08.27 (Sat), 3:00pm-6:00pm

名額 | Quota:12人

報名 | Registration:fukkuen@gmail.com

詳情 | Details


In good coincidence, Eason Tsang Ka Wai from Blindspot Gallery will form a crossover guided tour with Wong Fuk-kuen, as both are having their solo exhibition in Wong Chuk Hang. They will lead a guided tour to their exhibitions in their venue, at Blindspot Gallery and Floating Projects respectively.



第三個周末:閉幕演出及分享圈 | Closing Performance & Conversations

2016.09.03 (Sat), 7:00-8:15pm




四件展出作品 | 4 Artworks in Exhibitoin :


1) 旋轉-石頭-單聲調 | Spinner-Stone-Monotone   (聲軌 | Soundtrack)


A recorded improvisation with simple objects, 1’16” in duration…


2) 軌道空間 | Track in the Air  (聲音裝置 | Sound Installation)


A little metal ball takes you all the way to the end point of the track as you focus on listening to its precarious slide.


3) 臨界領域 | Into (裝置 | Installation)


Arriving at the threshold with a tearing tension towards a field of the irresistible yet unreachable, where stillness swells boundlessly.


4) 飛行物件 | Transcending Object Live  (表演 | Live Performance) *


A flying object emitting white noise will surround the visitors… Spinning in motion of varied speeds and paths, it creates an invisible momentum that shapes the space in its way.


*在閉幕日演出 | closing performance on the ast exhibition day




簡歷 Biography


Fukkuen graduated from the School of Creative Media, the City University of Hong Kong, in 2012. He is attentive to shadows and air humidity and loves the warmth of a typhoon. He has started to understand the many contradictions within matters and wishes a day-vs-night split in his character may after all integrate into a wholesome person — just as for certain things he feels compelled to create, and yet not necessarily always.