“Levitated Potentiality 2”: Floating Projects & Writing Machine Collective at FLAME Festival HK

 “Levitated Potentiality 2” (移形換步2) is presented by FP experimenter Linda Lai, to participate in the FLAME FESTIVAL and FLAME HK Video Art Fair. FLAME HK (第一屆錄像藝術節)is the first video art fair in Asia with more than 60 participating artists and galleries.

**Press Conference: 1:00-3:00pm, 3 October (Friday) at Ovolo Hotel, Room 801-803
General Admission: 5-6 October 2019, 12:00-8:00pm | Opening: 4 October 2019 6:00-8:00pm (VIP, registration required)
Ovolo South Side (hotel), Wong Chuk Hang | 64 Wong Chuk Hang Road, Hong Kong

Levitated Potentiality 2” includes 14 works by artists whose video works have been shown at the Floating Projects and the Writing Machines Collective in the past 2 years. [more details…]

ROOM 1 – Rm 801

TV1 – Hector Rodriguez羅海德
Within the Walls 圍城私語 (2017)
(based on Alfred Hitchcock’s Number Seventeen, 1932)
The Uncertainty Principle: Rain (2018)
(based on Wong Kar-wai’s The Grand Master, 2013)
The Uncertainty Principle: M/G (2018)
(Based on Mizoguchi Kenji’s The 47 Ronin, 1941)
Cinematic Hyperobject: the Man from London (2019)
(Based on Bela Tarr’s The Man from London, 2007)

ROOM 2 – Rm 802

TV2 – Linda C.H. Lai 黎肖嫻
Micro Narratives, a Visual Poem 微敘事:詩變(2017)
No Path But My Footprints 足疊無痕 (2010/2019)
Diaries: Dry Rain 雨綿綿 (1999/2017)

TV3 – Elaine Wong 黃淑賢
Phantoms of 20C (2017)
Days of Swimming in the Garden 游園印記 (2019)

ROOM 3 – Rm 803

TV4 – Winsome Dumalagan WONG 黃慧心 | Marvin HAUCK
Vi-de-o_ver. 2 (2016) | Winsome Dumalagan WONG 黃慧心
Day Rain (2019) | Marvin HAUCK

TV5 – Ryan CHAN (Chan Siu-lung) 陳小龍 | Esther LAM (Lam Yuen-ching) 林琬晴
The Glimpse of Tin Shui Wai: A Transmedia Study of Robert Cahen (2015) | Ryan Chan
Anatawadareni (2019) | Esther Lam

TV6 – Joris Wu胡文釗
Swim, in the Sea of Victoria (2019)

Festival assistants for “Levitated Potentiality 2”: Winsome Wong, Sam Chan