DIALOGUE with artist Yusuke Shibata | 有偈傾 – 藝術家柴田祐輔

DIALOGUE with artist Yusuke Shibata | Yusuke Shibata Solo Exhibition
有偈傾 – 藝術家柴田祐輔 | 柴田祐輔個展

With the support of soundpocket and Art Center Ongoing, Japanese artist Yusuke Shibata is currently undertaking a 6-week residency in Hong Kong. Yusuke’s works have always explored the existence of and the border between the real and the unreal, the meaningful and the meaningless. During his research in Hong Kong, he discovered two things that fascinated him – the night markets selling second hand goods in Sham Shui Po, and the paper offerings that are burnt as gifts for deities and the dead during traditional Chinese funerals.

In this upcoming DIALOGUE, Yusuke will show his video works and share his findings as he wandered through the city; and in his solo exhibition, Yusuke will create an installation which examines the ambiguous boundary between the worlds of the living and the dead, and the joss paper reproductions of valuable objects destined to be consumed by fire.

Programme Details
:: DIALOGUE with artist Yusuke Shibata ::
23.6.2018 (SAT) 3–5pm
@ Floating Projects
Address: Unit D, 8/F, Kwai Bo Industrial Building, 40 Wong Chuk Hang Road, Wong Chuk Hang, Hong Kong
* This event will be conducted in English

:: Yusuke Shibata Solo Exhibition ::
26.6 – 30.6.2018
Opening Hours: 2–8pm
@ Yet Thirtieth Experimental Art Space
Address: Room 8B, 28/F, Front Block, Wah Fat Industrial Building, N.T., Hong Kong

在聲音掏腰包與合作夥伴 Art Center Ongoing 的支持下,日本藝術家柴田祐輔正在香港進行為期六星期的駐留。柴田祐輔的作品經常探討真實與虛構的存在及其兩者之間的界線,他於香港進行研究期間,發現自己對深水埗售賣二手物品的夜墟及用以祭祀先人的紙紮祭品特感好奇。


:: 有偈傾 – 藝術家柴田祐輔 ::
@ 據點。句點
* 活動將以英語進行

:: 柴田祐輔個展 ::
26.6 – 30.6.2018
@ 三十樓下藝術實驗空間

* Admission is free and all events are open to the public 免費開放予公眾

About Yusuke Shibata 關於柴田祐輔
>> https://goo.gl/VJY56h

Enquires 查詢:3954-5584 / listen@soundpocket.org.hk

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DIALOGUE with artist Yusuke Shibata 有偈傾 – 藝術家柴田祐輔:
Floating Projects 據點。句點

Yusuke Shibata Solo Exhibition 柴田祐輔個展:
Yet Thirtieth Experimental Art Space 三十樓下藝術實驗空間


** Organized by soundpocket   聲音掏腰包 主辦