MMI (a.k.a  ‘moving moving images’) is a group of people who found out one day that TVs are more enjoyable when moving.

The invention of moving moving images, in this particular form, is meant to be an experiment, an exploration of the possibilities between cinematic space, cinematic language, theatrical space and theatrical language and, ultimately, it’s an attempt towards a new medium for narratives.

Members include: Bill Tam, Heidi Wong, Siu Fong, Sabrina Wong, Kel Lok and Winnie Yan, who are mainly from School of Creative Media, City University of Hong Kong, but there are also members who are from Chinese University of Hong Kong and Shue Yan University.

我們是MMI,即Moving Moving Images ,成立不足半年,因為發現移動中的電視更好看,於是樂此不疲地推電視。

Moving Moving Images在嘗試創造新的敘事媒體,把電影空間放在舞台空間之中;從電影中提煉某種電影語言,把它們放在舞台動作之中。這是電影的表演空間。是在電影中,也是在舞台之中。

成員包括:Bill Tam、Heidi Wong, Siu Fong, Sabrina Wong, Kel Lok and Winnie Yan。主要來自香港城市大學創意媒體學院,也有成員來自香港中文大學,以及香港樹仁大學