2021.01.05-20 Wafting Out The Sea 在大海中飄散

《在大海中飄散 Wafting out the Sea》


莫碧瑩 Shirley mok:
和身邊人分享的每個瞬間。但當疫情來臨, 一切的活動都限於小小蝸居中,每天透過屏幕和
In the pandemic, huge anxiety overwhelmed me· I regarded online communication platforms
as human treasures, and you could share every moment you shared with people around
you. But when the epidemic hits, all activities are limited to a small squared room, you could
only greet others through the small screen every day…
Lying on the bed, and one day I was wondering, the connection between us, just like a
phantom.It flaps and undulates disorderly like a sea wave, without knowing when it will end.
Or it will end in the next moment.
Then, I chose to avoid the only connection. I turned off my phone, curled up, and embraced
myself in the middle of the ocean. Without the network, Dandelion lost its connection with the
earth and wandered in the sea alone.
But I still hope that one day the seeds can be wafted out.

梁穎珊 Cassia Leung:
The internet is like the sea in some sense. And I have been floating on the sea for a year
already, being led by the irresistible tides. All encounters happen accidentally here, just for
an instant of touch, there is no way to meet again only after parting.
Having dialogues through the Internet is the only way that I can link with others during the
pandemic, like sending the text, photos, and videos, but that I get away from people since I
cannot reach them physically. Communications seem to be emptied and vacuous which
makes me doubt the authenticity of the reality.

In this lonely era, connecting with others stands as a proposition for relief. I am waiting for
the wind to fly me over here.