From WCH Assemblage to SKM Assemblage: new leaf turned today 石硤尾新頁,再來聚疊

「據點 2.0」打開門:開幕馬拉松 FP 2.0 Kick-off Marathon

表演 Performance:
星期日 2018年9月23日,下午2:30至5:30 | 2:30-5:30pm, Sunday, 23 September 2018

SKM 聚疊演出 | SKM Assemblage








SKM Assemblage. The “Assemblage” is a unique way of playing developed by the Floating Projects.

Participants in an assemblage move around objects they glean and collect in a certain area. Within a set time-frame, they improvise on the spot to create a work together as a performance in process. Participants are supposed to intervene with one another’s activities but must do so with respect.

An exhibition site thus becomes a primitive space for experiments. Performances turn the exhibition site into a scene or situation; objects are subject to transformation through exploring their variability as instruments. This is all what previous “players” have tried out and cherished. In FP 2.0, we migrate from Wong Chuk Hang (WCH) to Shek Kip Mei (SKM). It is perhaps out of a bit of indulgence of the past, and yet we look forward to invented new measures, new frameworks, and new practices.

Organized by WONG Fuk-kuen, with Stanley SIN and YIP Kai-chun