La Chinoise, by Sunny Zheng 鄭沅芷說《中國女》

9-15 May 2018 @ Floating Projects

Sunny Zheng’s first trial of a video essay critiquing the images of women in Chinese cinema, now presented as an installation comprising a video, a booklet, and embedded performances, her Bachelor’s degree’s graduation thesis.

La Chinoise, an on-site video installation
Sunny Zheng’s graduation thesis-creation
《中國女》|  錄像裝置

La Chinoise is a reflection on the long-term living conditions of Chinese women in China. In the form of a video essay, I critique Socialist Feminism (since 1949) and what came later to be called “pastoral feminism” (since 1979), using fragmentary found footage from both mainstream and independent Chinese cinema as well as news reports, to which I apply my critical artistic “processing.” My method is to deconstruct and reshape gender-biased representational practices in cinema. Fragmentation is an important strategy. I worked through more than 100 films produced in mainland China from Mao’s time till now to trace the impact or failure of feminist thinking. I turn the selected film fragments into a two-chapter video essay, and incorporate several case studies into a booklet which I then recite for the video. The entire project is an integration of a playful performance of texts and found footage segments. I discover that the rosy situation of feminism’s progress in China could be an illusion.”


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