「據點一杯茶」冬暖夏涼,為『據點。句點』和你繼續入氣。Floating Teatime keeps the window open, kettle on, for you and the collective…

據點於 COVID-19 抗疫期間也許門庭冷落少見訪客。「據點一杯茶」暖火長燃,不住通氣,打開一扇窗或半掩門,在尋常中挑寶,引發對話。


FP 寫作人忻慧妍黎偉亮的生活點滴,年輕藝術家的創作思考,學者羅海德許煜對新冠狀疫情的多角分析,博士生研究員梁志剛等的田野手記。畢業初哥進入社會大觀園的目睹,劉清華的日本藝駐體驗,林建才的手繪,黎肖嫻按耐不住的詩歌和自言自語,來自本地和遠方的藝評,不同人的讀書報告,錄像宣言2的更新報導等。


歡迎發表,長短、層次不拘。請電郵 contact@floatingprojectscollective.net

You may accidentally land on Floating Projects at JCCAC these days, doors half open without a spirit. Our on-line writing corner’s windows are wide open, kettle always on, for a tea or coffee that brews new ideas in the midst of COVID-19 social distancing.

Please stay tuned with Floating Teatime. Upcoming is an impressive line-up of writings of varied devotion:

FP writers Winnie Yan and Wai-leung Lai‘s unique lenses on everyday life, art notes from FP friends overseas such as Zach McLane and Vanessa Tsai, fresh graduates Natalie Chao and Ryan Chung‘s pilgrim’s progress, scholars Hector Rodriguez and Yuk Hui‘s dissection of the pandemic, doctoral researcher’s field notes series by Michael Leung, Lim Yeon-kyung, Vennes Cheng, Liu JinpingKay Mei-ling Beadman and more, Jess Lau‘s reflections on her prolonged art residencies in Japan, Kin-choi Lam‘s sketches looking back on the past 12 months, Linda Lai‘s automatic soliloquy mixing poetry, confessions and commentary, updates on (video) Manifesto 2 as it grows and mutates.

Floating Teatime has no intention to be a comprehensive magazine. We are author-oriented. Each FT writer is a centre of her/his own. Together we form a mobile network of ideas that constantly reshapes itself. Our diverse concerns all together — from the micro processes of everyday life to broad views of the historical and the theoretical — speak of how artistic visions and practices are always part of other realms and spheres of existence.

To contribute a piece, please send directly to Linda Lai at contact@floatingprojectscollective.net


「據點一杯茶」共六個相連的寫作圈 Floating Teatime has 5 interlocking writing circles:
To access all 6 overlapping circles: http://floatingprojectscollective.net/teatime/

藝文談暢 Art Notes []

/ 談藝術,談創作,回顧周圍看向前望。Art reviews and art criticism. Review on reviews. Critique on the practice of criticism. Back story to a performance. Free associations with a novel. Observations on the current milieu of art and social life. …



考察中 FieldNotes []

/ 研究生的考察範圍、指向,是世界的未來的形骸,新知識的風向計,對現今時代的把脈。起家立說之前,往往是轉瞬即逝的珍寶 — 直覺、對問題的「肚腹」般的反應。我們要好好留著。完整的辯說,碎片,靈光一閃,大小故事,所見所聞,理念層次的穿線連點結網…。「在地」、「尋檔」、「書寫作為思考」等陸續有來。A network of ideas from doctoral researchers whose tentative thinking may value as much as well formed writings. Hear their voices. Michael Leung’s “ON LAND,” Vennes Cheng’s “THINK-PAD,” Lim Yeon-kyung’s “ACTING OUT” and more arrivals…


大聲發表 Seriously Speaking []

/ 心裡無雲,都總可以推理治情,開拓感知。水中有明鏡,明鏡在心中。又或者,有些事情你總是咬著不放。You deserve to be heard. Features, expository and argumentative pieces, in-depth commentary and research-based writing… … Our mind takes forms — thought paths, a statue, a floating object, a system of tales, …



私物語 Personally Speaking []

/ 發明你的字句,操練你的發聲,給未有名字的起個名,為碎片堆築一條路。Share it if we deserve it: thoughts on living and being, poetry, automatic writing… silences, speechlessness, noise, soundings… fragmentary thoughts in search of a path, elliptical sentiments, the unspeakable…




咖啡經 Coffee Fantasia [...]

/ 個人沈溺可以是有趣的,只要分享,找你的「專家」同路人。咖啡,只是個起頭、代號…。又或你有呷一杯茶的瞬間可以吞吐的一個臨時想法。Everything about coffee… … Coffee plants. Coffee beans. Coffee plantation. Roasted beans. Fair trade. Genesis of coffee drinking. Coffee pots. Coffee cups. Coffee makers. Hand-crafted coffee. Coffee-drinking culture. Coffee and health. Coffee as medicine. Coffee as leisure. Discourse ownership of coffee culture. History of cafes. Politics of world produces. First generation coffee culture. Second generation coffee culture. Third generation coffee culture. Fourth generation coffee culture. Connoisseur perspective. Political history of coffee culture. Coffee academy. Barista. Cafes. Coffee furniture. Coffee-table books. … We are joking!!! Replace “coffee” with any noun — personal obsessions of yours. A tentative thought that may fuel up the slow sip of a cuppa.



吃好喝好透心涼 Eat Well Drink Well Breathe Well []

/ 最重要是可以繼續呼吸,腳下還有可站立的地,或許可以生根。好好照顧自己。Live well. Be nice to Earth. Food ethics. Anti-consumerist life-style. Good recipes to share. Good survival tips. Take good care of yourself, your body and your mind… …