Arts Go Digital: Digital Normal/Video Essay, an on-line video magazine to launch「平地數碼」:多向創作,持續發表,深化「錄像文章」的開發

… … … … … … 相信藝術。Believe in art | 相信科技。Believe in human-technology co-agency | 相信溝通、表達、發問 Believe in communicating, questioning and expressing | 此時此地的香港需要融入生活的藝術。Art injects vitality and hope to Hong Kong here and now | 相信藝術對活在當代社會有特殊貢獻,對人文價值信念的拓展有特殊任務;藝術應跨越傳統和建制的牆,讓更多人參與。Believe in art crossing borders and institutional compartmentalization | 科技與人的合作,促使不可能的成為可能,擴大「活」的可能性。Thing-human co-agency. Turn the impossible into possible, stretch our modes of living | 藝術培養細密的感知,對周遭事物見微知著,用藝術的想像力去豐富理性。Artist sensibility: stretched attentiveness, expanded cognition-perception, 在正規藝術史的研究和寫作之外 | 以「庫存」的思維、善用科技,作緩衝和長線的支持 Write a richer, more comprehensive art history of Hong Kong in the future | 強調活動的可延伸性及持續力 Uphold survival and sustainability with concrete means … … … … … …

“These days, sharing thoughts is therapeutic.”



Arts Go Digital, the New Normal as a starting point…「平地數碼:多向創作,持續發表」作為起步,
D-Normal/V-Essay (Dn/Ve) tracing the Video Essay as tactics for now…  緣著「錄像文章」可尋溯的軌跡找今天的策略

A quarterly on-line video magazine with open-call competition proposed by Linda C.H. Lai in the spirit of participatory art is now experimented through the collaborative effort of the Floating Projects Collective 黎肖嫻的季度網上錄像文章雜誌,由「據點。句點」藝術群體協力推行、發展,以「據點」為支援基地。

D-Normal/V-Essay is an on-line platform with 3 components: an on-line video submission system, an on-line video essay magazine, and an on-line media archive

***November 2020 — June 2021 首發實驗期為 2020年11月至2021年6月

D-Normal/V-Essay #1《平地數碼》錄像雜誌第一期:
submission deadline 截稿:2020.12.01  |  on-line publishing 上載發表:2020.12.31

***on-line submission platform opens 8 Nov 2020 網上投稿11月8日啟動 *OPEN NOW*

D-Normal/V-Essay #2《平地數碼》錄像雜誌第二期:
submission deadline 截稿:2021.02.28  | on-line publishing 上載發表:2021.03.31

D-Normal/V-Essay #3《平地數碼》錄像雜誌第三期:
submission deadline 截稿:2021年5月31日  |  on-line publishing 上載發表:2021年6月30日


An online art gallery is understood as a web platform that displays art. In the past months, many galleries have turned to online display to overcome the social gathering ban, and major art markets such as Art Basel launched online viewing rooms to sustain transaction and preserve potential buyers.

D-Normal/V-Essay (Dn/Ve) envisions a rather different use of the digital platforms — not as a tentative measure to cope with COVID-19, but to augment the virtual world as a platform with rich potentials and distinct affordances, as we have learned from our coping measures during the lock-down days.

On the practical level, Dn/Ve aims at (1) developing the many possibilities of the accessible format of the video essay, (2) with which we build a virtual community whose creative and intellectual exchange forms (3) a virtual environment, at once a magazine-gallery and an archive, which allows revisits, expandable, and with retaining value.

In the spirit of participation and injecting vitality, Dn/Ve takes advantage of the accumulated knowledge, experience and resources at Floating Projects (2015 – now). An on-line gallery-archive to add on to FP’s physical gathering place at JCCAC and Floating Teatime, our quality writing platform, would ensure better and more comprehensive services to the general public in future. The Arts Go Digital award from ADC/Jockey Club is a timely asset to enable us to update our on-line infrastructures.

在線展覽顧名思義以互聯網去展示作品。過去半年,我們看見不少藝廊以此對策新肺炎而來的限聚令,也看見巴塞爾藝術展以網上展廳去維繫向收藏家展示作品的基本服務,令藝術市場的交易活動可持續。《平地數碼》這個計劃超越了臨時安排和補救式的在線想像,願景是以網絡數據時代的特色為本去重新想像常規活動,與既往的藝文活動模式更全面的配合與結合。從過去幾個對「限聚令」作出應對的自身的體驗出發,吸收兩個已撥款而尚在進行中的藝發局計劃  — 「錄像宣言2:紀錄的衝動」和「原格破裂」– 我們設想數碼方法如何在信念交流、藝術生產、傳播、衍生和開拓幾方面作肯定性的實驗和實踐。


以「據點」為基地,以「參與性藝術」為座標的前提下,實驗人黎肖嫻對《平地數碼》錄像文章雜誌作出初步的構想,提案獲得撥款後,連同「據點。句點」藝術群體成員共謀發展的策略和細節。社群參與和灌注活力的精神的實踐,由分享「據點」累積的知識、經驗和資源為起步。藝術發展局與賽馬會這次的資助,確實解決了我們的「共謀經濟」模式所未能應付的 網上平台的「基建」問題。這次的申請,40% 用作建立在線虛擬發表和存續的平台,目的是可以往前走更多更長遠的路,讓我們的實驗和創作意欲可以更深入與人分享。我們的宗旨一如既往,據點成員憑「歸零」而「盡力善用」的態度;我們強調活在當下的價值。


Long-term projection:

FP’s Dn/Ve anticipates to serve: (1) future art and cultural historians and (2) trans-regional curators and study creative energies in Hong Kong and to glean great works that may have fallen into the crevices between established art genres and classifications.



Artistic Objects 藝術目標:

++ Practice cross-genre, inter/trans-media creation 具體實踐跨界創作分享樂趣
++ Augment video essay for all 普及錄像作為創作書寫表達分享平台的能量
++ Integrate artistic expression & reasoning 結合藝術表達與理性思考的陳述

Humanities Objectives 人文博雅目標:

++ Practice media education 媒體素養
++ Encourage articulation and cultivate a transmedia vocabulary 鼓勵發表,互媒跨媒多媒共融
++ Mutual learning, multi-lateral education 互相教育
++ Alternative, innovative historiography 另類藝術與日常生活歷史記述科技目標:

Technical/Technological Objectives 技術的目標

++ Understand media technology as a user in practice 鼓勵更日常的科技應用,從而認識媒體科技
++ Experience the affordances of handy, portable, accessible media technology as new modes of communication and being connected with the world 享用輕便、負擔得起的科技,更深入透徹、不受時地環境限制作思想交流
++ Alternative, innovative historiography preserved by technology 另類藝術歷史記述,輔以科技的運用作靈活長線的保留
++ An initial experiment to learn and lay down the basics for an online “subscription economy” 「訂閱經濟學」的初步探索







Visit the Dn/Ve dedicated platform starting 5 Nov 2020 | 11月5日準時敲門:

Start on-line upload of your video essay on 8 November. 11月8日開始網上上載你的錄像文章



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