YAN Wai Yin Winnie | 忻慧妍

*active since FP1.0

writer + potato working on moving images and animations

my desk = laptop + light box + lamp + pencils + pocket sketchbook + overdue/unread books + postcards + chocolate bars + empty panadol boxes + bonbon + mugs + memos + 呀波(bo1) (my little potted plant)

Yan Wai Yin (b. 1994, Hong Kong) graduated from the School of Creative Media in 2016, is a cellist working primarily with animation and moving images. Her works focus on visual motifs and repetitions by means of drawing, writing and video recording. Being a part of Floating Projects Collective and Moving Moving Images, she collaborates with her fellows and, by happy chance, got exhibited in some locations. Yan had been a research associate in School of Creative Media, City University of Hong Kong. She is an active artists, and her videographic works have been shown in various events locally and overseas.