Chow Ho Fung John | 周皓風


*active since summer 2018, FP2.0, FP3.0

John Chow Ho Fung was born in 1996, Hong Kong. His works focus on the moving images (animation and videography in general), and especially experimenting with narrative techniques. He seeks the most intimate form of communication, in other words, his narrative method deliberately (and also subconsciously) transmits raw emotions/vibrations to viewers. His works often comprise of a sequence of “triggers” in the form of images, sounds and texts, which provokes viewers to resonate with the designed narrative activity.

John graduated in 2018 as Bachelor of Arts from the School of Creative Media, the City University of Hong Kong. His recent motive of artistic creation is to achieve a certain kind of healing/redemption, through exposing his personal weaknesses on screen.



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