The making of video for Return Flight MEL-HKG, 2019.

Return Flight is an international multidisciplinary cultural exchange project curated by Elizaveta Maltseva and delivered with project partner Going Down Swinging. The project commissions artists in one city to create new artwork, then writers in the opposite location to respond with a blind creative writing piece. Blind meaning that the writers do not receive the name of the artist or any context about the work. They are encouraged to trust their own reading of the work. Then all collaborators are introduced to each other and interviewed about their project experience and personal practice. The project is presented as a book series and exhibition in each city. In 2017, the collaborators from Melbourne and Edinburgh explored the curatorial theme of ‘place’. In 2018, collaborators from Melbourne, Christchurch and greater New Zealand explored the theme of ‘home’. Finally in 2019, the collaborators from Melbourne and Hong Kong explored the theme of ‘away’ as the closing chapter of the project with members of the Floating Projects Collective participating.





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