Workshops 工作室

At FP, we occasionally holds workshops for our artists to learn together or share their works…
Our space will be filled with found objects and disused material gathered from homes and the Wong Chuk Hang district. Objects are objectiles with potential states. Forms are tentative and generative. Imagine our space to be an amoeba. It is constantly in reconfiguration.

2021.06.12 據點《平地數碼》膨脹學習 – 聲音工作坊 sound workshop, D-Normal/V-Essay expanded

3-6pm | 據點《平地數碼》膨脹學習見面系列 - 聲音工作坊 D-Normal/V-Essay expanded meeting/learning series -- 工作坊導師 Workshop Leader: | 王鎮海 | Wong Chun Hoi | registration required.

Stock-taking 點子上倉, Workshops 工作室

2021.06.12-19 D-Normal/V-essay expanded program in June 《平地數碼》六月膨脹學習見面系列

Committed to ADC's Arts Go Digital, Issue #3 (30 June) will be accompanied by 3 learning seasons for varied interests in sight and sound. 張開影像和聲音在創作表述上多姿多彩的可能性。請考慮參與6月份的延伸學習活動。

FP outbound 句點在城中。據點外遊, Partnership 據點演繹, Stock-taking 點子上倉, WIP Inspection 句點。定期發表, Workshops 工作室

Publishing (to Find Each Other) 相遇於小誌小文學

Zines are not just printing and publishing, but community building, meeting of new friends of like minds or varied backgrounds, a form of socially engaged practice, perhaps an form of indirect, direct action? ... Michael Leung's hybrid publishing 2012-2021.

Artistic Production 實驗場, Partnership 據點演繹, WIP Inspection 句點。定期發表, Workshops 工作室

2020.03.17-18, 04.04. 04.11 Video Manifesto 2 artists meeting up in 4 on-line workshops 「錄像宣言2」創作者在線工作坊

三十幾位「錄像宣言二」的創作者在三四月期間的四次在線工作坊中深入切磋。30 plus selected artists are meeting in March and April 2020 in 4 different on-line workshops to critically engage in one another's videographic practices.

Partnership 據點演繹, WIP Inspection 句點。定期發表, Workshops 工作室

Relentless Animation Jam 即興實驗動畫工作坊

4 session of experimental animation workshop, lead by Linca Chan @RelentlessMelt 1. Animation Relay (Picture) --- 12/11/2019(Tue) 19:30 – 21:30 2. Aniamtion Panels --- 16/11/2019(Sat) 14:00 – 17:00 3. Animation Relay 2 (Movement) --- 19/11/2019(Tue) 19:30 – 21:30 4. Animated Poetry --- 23/11/2019(Sat) 14:00 – 17:00

Partnership 據點演繹, Workshops 工作室

Elemental Dynamite: Research on Intermedia Practices in Animated Pictures 原格破裂 – 動畫的互媒實驗綜覽

Click HERE for more detail.   請按此處閱覽活動詳情 Video interview shorts: What is Elemental Dynamite? How is the summer series addressing some of the key questions? [1..] Tools and Labor: Snow White / Winnie Yan [2…] Nobuhiro AIHARA: the everyday into animation / Linda Lai [3..] Out-of-the frame animation / Linda Lai [4…] Opening up the definition of…

Artistic Production 實驗場, FP outbound 句點在城中。據點外遊, Partnership 據點演繹, Stock-taking 點子上倉, WIP Inspection 句點。定期發表, Workshops 工作室

16mm film workshop (for FPC members and friends)

11:00am - 6:00pm, 22 July 2017. A 6-hour in-house 16mm film workshop generously initiated by Richard Tuohy and Dianna Barrie for FPC members and friends...

FP outbound 句點在城中。據點外遊, Partnership 據點演繹, Workshops 工作室

Charles Richardson – Capturing Reality – Sessions in 3D-photoscanning

22.01.2017 (Sun) Session 1: Artist talk: Charles Richardson Time: 2:00 pm -3:15 pm Session 2: The 3D-scanning workshop – by Charles Richardson Time: 4:00 pm – 6:30pm

Partnership 據點演繹, Stock-taking 點子上倉, Workshops 工作室

《用剩物,砌怪物》工作坊 “Monster Assemblage” Workshop

Floating Projects will become a "monster" factory Saturday, 3 Dec (16:00-18:00). Monster-maker Kel will provide left-overs from military miniature kits. Come to make fantastic monsters of your invention.「據點。句點」將會變成臨時「怪物工廠」。本週末下午4時至6時,怪物們的製作者 Kel 將會為大家準備好充足殘件,與大家用剩物,砌怪物!

Artistic Production 實驗場, Workshops 工作室

Ou topus 無止境(01): a series on comics and sequential art 一個有關「漫畫 – 連環藝術」的切磋系列

No place. Good place. Comics is such a place. 無這地方。好的地方。漫畫就是這樣的一個地方。 Date日期: 6-12-2015 | Time時間: 4:00-7:00pm | Seat名額: 15 | Fees費用: $40 *participants may bring along 1 comic book / their artworks for the sharing session參加朋友們請帶備個人喜好的漫畫或個人藝術創作前來,令討論更到肉。 O1: Comics as Fuel 切磋(1)漫畫源料 | by Andio Lai黎仲民帶領 | 1st journey to the Ou topus… (全程共8次) ▫ We will…

Stock-taking 點子上倉, Workshops 工作室

Basic Hands-On Art-making Management Workshop #1 發表個人藝術作品管理工作坊(一)

12 September 2015 (SAT) 4:00pm – 6:00pm @ the Floating Projects (8D, no. 40 Wong Chuk Hang Road) Workshop by Floating Projects artist Lee Kai Chung 工作坊 – 據點。句點藝術家 李繼忠 Basic Hands-On Art-making Management Workshop #1 This workshop demonstrates basic hands-on techniques and ethnics of art-making management. The workshop covers proper procedures from preparation, logistics,…

Workshops 工作室

Pricing – a workshop for FP artists (2015.08.29) by Isaac Leung

[report] Dr. Isaac Leung spent 4 hours with the Floating Projects Collective to discuss the nature of “value” and “pricing” of artworks and how to propose a price for one’s own works. 29 August 2015 (Sat) / 4:30-8:30pm Floating Projects, WCH In the workshop, Leung talked about 12 criteria that would affect the floating value of…

Workshops 工作室

“Archiving Fingers, Hands, Faces & Anonymities” – FPC’s 1st exhibition coming soon

FPC’s grand opening exhibition on May 22, 2010 (Saturday – 6:00pm) will showcase the latest works-in-progress of its core members Linda Lai, Lilian Fu, Jolene Mok and Cheung Yu-tsz. 拾荒。偵探。遊戲。定位。 FPC’s 1st exhibition_May22, 2010 (pdf)  

WIP Inspection 句點。定期發表, Workshops 工作室