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The current emphasis of our discussions: sustainability, models of art community and survival, quality living, digital culture, inter-disciplinary art…


17 March 2017, 7 to 9pm With: Andio Lai + wongchunhoi9 / ADA.KA.WE + Christina Jensen / Nerve + Multi-Theatre + Pink Money / Olaf Hochherz + I AM / 3x3x3 / Damien Charrieras

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Charles Richardson – Capturing Reality – Sessions in 3D-photoscanning

22.01.2017 (Sun) Session 1: Artist talk: Charles Richardson Time: 2:00 pm -3:15 pm Session 2: The 3D-scanning workshop – by Charles Richardson Time: 4:00 pm – 6:30pm

Partnership 據點演繹, Stock-taking 點子上倉, Workshops 工作室

玩具之間-《玩動日》 Toy as Medium – Playing Projects

《據點第一季彈珠人競技賽》| "FP's first B-Daman League" 2016.12.10 (SAT) 3pm- 6pm 《Double賽車時段》| "Double Racing Session" 2016.12.11 (SUN) 2pm- 4pm

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然後若有:單窗錄像作品放映 About to Drop: Single-channel Video Screening

| 單窗作品放映:「然後若有」 Single-channel Video Screening: ‘About to drop’ | 二零一六年 一月十日 (星期日) 下午四時正 至 晚上六時正 10 January 2016 (Sun) | 4:00-6:00pm Artists | Don TSANG 曾旭熙 Billy NGAI 魏沛賢 你停留在上一秒之後,你的期望是結果之前。在已知和未知之間的空隙想著下一秒會發生的事,流盪,與未知的事進行互動,提出發問,又等待回答。 好奇的人,你看著背面想著正面,反之亦然。拍攝者和你的提問相互滾存,然後是你的慾望在作出抉擇,或,是拍攝者挾著你的慾望所給你的抉擇?   On the immediate aftermath of the last second you are anticipating what may come before the final ending. In the crevice between what’s…

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Single-channel Screening 單窗錄像作品放映 : 9 January 2015 (Sat) | 4:00-6:30pm INTRODUCING A GROUP OF YOUNG VIDEO ARTISTS | Meret BHEND / Ryan CHAN 陳小龍 / Anna CHIM 詹可瑩 / DING Cheuk-laam 丁卓藍 / IP Sze-sze 葉詩詩/ QIAO Qing 喬青 / Gloria SHUM 岑泳霈 / Don TSANG 曾旭熙 / Dorothy WONG 黃加頌 / Winnie YAN 忻慧妍 / YANG Hsinyi 楊心苡 / YIP Hei 葉曦 //…

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Ou topus 無止境(01): a series on comics and sequential art 一個有關「漫畫 – 連環藝術」的切磋系列

No place. Good place. Comics is such a place. 無這地方。好的地方。漫畫就是這樣的一個地方。 Date日期: 6-12-2015 | Time時間: 4:00-7:00pm | Seat名額: 15 | Fees費用: $40 *participants may bring along 1 comic book / their artworks for the sharing session參加朋友們請帶備個人喜好的漫畫或個人藝術創作前來,令討論更到肉。 O1: Comics as Fuel 切磋(1)漫畫源料 | by Andio Lai黎仲民帶領 | 1st journey to the Ou topus… (全程共8次) ▫ We will…

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WCH Assemblage #3: Jeng Wo |黃竹坑聚疊(三):堅砌

WCH Assemblage #3: jeng wo | 黃竹坑聚疊(三):堅砌 2015.11.29 – 2015.12.13 / 12 – 8pm (Closed on Mondays) / Floating Projects (Room D, 8/F, Kwai Bo Industrial Building, No.40 Wong Chuk Hang Road, Wong Chuk Hang) 據點。句點 (黃竹坑道40號貴寶工業大廈8樓D室) LIVE PERFROMANCE 現場演出 | 2015.12.12 (Saturday 星期六) 8:00pm 晚上八時正 @Floating Projects 據點。句點 | entry donation: $50  (with 1 drink) 入場捐獻:$50 (連一杯飲品) I don’t know if this could be called an exhibition…

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WCH Assemblage #2: I reached out to a stone and picked up a box of paper butterflies |黃竹坑聚疊(二):當摸著石頭,拾了一箱紙蝴蝶

WCH Assemblage #2 黃竹坑聚疊(二) 08.09.2015 – 22.09.2015 I reached out to a stone and picked up a box of paper butterflies… A Chinese saying goes, “The dusts finally settled.” That perhaps is true of Floating Projects’ physical move-in. But “incidental” accidents keep coming to force us to clean-shave, to trim, to streamline, … and to consolidate…

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GRAND OPENING 02 (22-23 Aug 2015) — journeys of food, London, Hong Kong… + Moving Moving-image

“Locating alternative food chains – journeys of surplus food” Dr. Daisy D.S. TAM | 譚迪詩博士 (HK Baptist University) […] Conducted in English with bi-lingual discussion 22 August 2015 (Saturday); 3:00pm @ Floating Projects (8D, no. 40 Wong Chuk Hang Road) From the days of working as a trader selling apples in London’s Borough Market, I have been…

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Evans Chan’s ‘Two or Three Things about Kang Youwei’ 康有為二三事 (2012) & ‘Bauhinia’ 紫荊 (2002)

Press Screening: Friday, 7:00pm, April 13, 2012 @ Floating Projects Collective / 放映後設有酒會。 1st floor, 99 Queen’s Road East, Wanchai 灣仔皇后大道東99號二樓 Press Screenings of 2 works by director Evans Chan 陳耀成 《紫荊》Bauhinia (2002) Hong Kong, color, drama, in Chinese and English, with English and Chinese subtitles. 50 min. Commissioned by RTHK/香港電臺電視台邀約作品 (*Hong Kong premiere香港首映)  紐約2001 年。一位洋名為「紫荊」(李珺)的香港女留學生,正製作一部有關中國一子政策的記錄片。9/11恐怖襲擊突然發生,她剪接室的窗下是巳夷為平地的世貿中心。而她剛有了身孕...夏威夷電影節的Christopher…

Partnership 據點演繹, Stock-taking 點子上倉

Documentary Animation ‘Ever-changing Monument’ by Lilian Fu

傅詠欣 Lilian Fu’s latest work Ever-changing Monument is a documentary animation funded by the Hong Kong Arts Development Council (ADC). Public Screening: November 26, 2011 7:00p.m. at FPC 1st floor, 99 Queen’s Road East, Wanchai 灣仔皇后大道東99號二樓 ****** Ever-changing Monument 7 minutes / 2011 / Hong Kong/United Kingdom A work of animated documentary by Lilian Fu…

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Fung Moon Kee: making you mine 小號大造馮滿記

COMING UP this Saturday (September 10, 2011), 2:30p.m. at FPC. Fung Moon Kee: making you mine  小號大造馮滿記 / 40 minutes / 2011 / Hong Kong / A work of visual ethnography by Tiffany Yu 余智敏 For over a year now, I have been seeing the 85-to-be Lam Chi-yim, manager of a traditional embroidery shop in Yaumatei. I interviewed…

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Pianovel: I play the piano to play you a song / an ADC funded project by Jolene Mok

August 8, 2011 (Monday) / 7:30 – 9:00 pm @ FPC Pianovel: I play the piano to play you a song (30 mins / 2011 / Jolene Mok)   “Through looking into the learning path and practice process of five children, I (re-)study piano playing from an alien angle, to see, through the camera, in…

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The Squatting Urchins…

THE TALE OF SQUATTING URCHINS (150 minutes / 2011 / Terence Chan)  @ FPC, 2:30pm / Saturday, June 25, 2011       Just a few hours after raw noon.    Nothing to worry about.     No nuisance of metaphor.    Discard the panicking shrimp.    Worried minute after minute, I would do the counting.    …

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Critique session with “Current” artist

Critique session with “Current” artist Wendy TAI / Aug 15(sun) 3pm at FPC before the close of the exhibition Facebook event page: Exhibtion details please read:

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“Flowpoints”: Generative Image Creation Method Using Optical Flow / Open Forum #3

– Hector Rodriguez Friday, July 9, 2010 (7:00-9:00 pm)  FPC – Open studio – Forum The talk will last for an hour followed by discussion. / FORUM begins at 7:00pm with a simple pizza party. There is a tradition of contemporary art that aims to break away from preconceived goals. The aesthetic form and order of…

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Talking head questions: inductive and interdisciplinary

– Elliot W.Y. LEUNG FPC Forum: ‘What’s in a Talking Head: narrated selves and event structure” 2010.06.26 / FPC / 2:30-4:30 pm / Linda C.H. LAI 1st floor, 99 Queen’s Road East, Wanchai 灣仔皇后大道東99號二樓 Some belated thoughts… Absolutely fascinating talk and materials; materials which – as was acknowledged during the presentation – lend itself to…

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A lecture on visual auto-ethnography by Dr. Linda Lai / Open Forum #1

  Auto-ethnography [field study about oneself] is by definition an experimental form of ethnography. According to Catherine Russell, many key examples of experimental cinema and autobiographical films could be understood as auto-ethnography. Linda Lai will discuss this view, trace such a history, and shed light on the notion of auto-ethnography in the practice of contemporary…

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