Partnership 據點演繹

We welcome committed artists to use our art production site to experiment various kinds of innovative projects.

2022.05.08-14 Niki Siu’s week-long POP-UP “Laugh At Last: Gingerbread Man’s Destiny”《最後一笑:薑餅人的宿命》蕭麗琦突圍展覽

video + installation + blueprints for a game 錄像 + 雕塑裝置 + 平面圖像 + 有待製作的遊戲的藍本 human rights, animal rights, more-than-human care of the world 人權、動物權利、超越人本的世界視野。 ...

Partnership 據點演繹, Stock-taking 點子上倉

2021.11.26-28 PRISMATIC: research thru’ exhibiting on bodily interactions

Design practices on bodily and wearable interactions. Collaborative learning through physical making using Arduino programming, garment making, leather working, laser cutting, wood-shopping. By MFA students mentored by RAY LC.

Partnership 據點演繹, Stock-taking 點子上倉, WIP Inspection 句點。定期發表

2021.12.01 Enduring Care: FP, HK participant in “Day With[out] Art 2021” by Visual AIDS

FP is a local presenter this year, titled "Enduring Care," of a free, one hour video program of seven new videos highlighting strategies of community care within the ongoing HIV epidemic. 「據點。句點」參與「視覺愛滋」藝術組織的 Day With[out] Art,成為香港本地的參與者之一,放映以「持續關照」(Enduring Care)為主題的一小時的免費節目,循環播放。

Partnership 據點演繹, Stock-taking 點子上倉

《世界末日與冷酷異境》動畫分享 Cheng Ka-shing’s animation

2021.11.20-21 (Sat-Sun 星期六、日) | 20:00/21:00 | 共四場放映討論會 a total of 4 screenings for discussion

Partnership 據點演繹

2021.06.19 D-Normal/V-Essay expanding… “Fresh Videos, In-depth Transformation” – 3 views on one’s footprints 新鮮錄像:我的足印

4-6pm | A special D-Normal/V-Essay program. Editor and project chief Linda Lai honors 3 accomplished works, three very different journeys constructing the past for very different reasons. Screening preceded and followed by two other shows selected by Dn/Ve jurors.

Partnership 據點演繹, Stock-taking 點子上倉, WIP Inspection 句點。定期發表

2021.06.12-19 D-Normal/V-essay expanded program in June 《平地數碼》六月膨脹學習見面系列

Committed to ADC's Arts Go Digital, Issue #3 (30 June) will be accompanied by 3 learning seasons for varied interests in sight and sound. 張開影像和聲音在創作表述上多姿多彩的可能性。請考慮參與6月份的延伸學習活動。

FP outbound 句點在城中。據點外遊, Partnership 據點演繹, Stock-taking 點子上倉, WIP Inspection 句點。定期發表, Workshops 工作室

New zines at FP’s shop space: Michael Leung with Winnie Yan and Esther Man

22 May 2021 @ Floating Projects。 We are pleased to announce some new zines in our shop space 據點小店:小書展賣特選。Feel free to visit us and read them. 作者們一片心意。歡迎來據點翻看閱讀。

Artistic Production 實驗場, Partnership 據點演繹, Stock-taking 點子上倉, WIP Inspection 句點。定期發表

Publishing (to Find Each Other) 相遇於小誌小文學

Zines are not just printing and publishing, but community building, meeting of new friends of like minds or varied backgrounds, a form of socially engaged practice, perhaps an form of indirect, direct action? ... Michael Leung's hybrid publishing 2012-2021.

Artistic Production 實驗場, Partnership 據點演繹, WIP Inspection 句點。定期發表, Workshops 工作室

2021.01.31-02.21「因歌而鳴。」”The bird sings, for it has a song.” Open door event on sonification and vocalization

“A bird does not sing because he has an answer. He sings because he has a song." (Joan Walsh Anglund) Andio Lai, Annisa Cheung and Chin-yin Chong unfold the forking paths of their desires for sounds. 「鳥兒鳴唱不是因為知道答案,而是因為有歌要唱。」鳥因歌而鳴,自然的反應並不一定為了一個解答而存在。同樣的,對黎仲民、張靜瑜和策展人張瀞尹而言,是源自內在的想望,像個歧路花園。

Artistic Production 實驗場, Partnership 據點演繹, WIP Inspection 句點。定期發表

2021.01.05-20 Wafting Out The Sea 在大海中飄散

"Are we going to meet again after this?"「這次之後,我們還會相見嗎?」莫碧瑩 Shirley mok + 梁穎珊 Cassia Leung... during the pandemic...

Partnership 據點演繹

2020.11.20-12.05《夢遊者之夢野》Sleepwalkers’ Vision

藝術家 Artist: 挨壁靠事務所 Epical Chamber (梁嘉文 Leung Ka Man + 梁御東 Ocean Leung). Exhibition + artist's talk

Artistic Production 實驗場, Partnership 據點演繹

《宮崎駿動畫的大自然觀》分享會 View of Nature in Hayao Miyazaki’s Animations

2020年9月30日(三)晚上7時至9時,資深動畫人黃偉恆會將會於「據點。句點」(JCCAC, L306D) 從宮崎駿多齣動畫中找出有趣而獨到的角度,為觀眾帶來非一般的啟示。 香港動畫製作人協會主辦,深水埗區議會贊助。

Partnership 據點演繹

Floor plan & Listing: The Ventriloquists…Thinking Narratively 《腹語系》平面圖、作品列

The Ventriloquists… Thinking Narratively 《腹語系。微敘思考》| 4-17 July 2020 @ Floating Projects 2-8pm Tuesdays to Sundays | Floor Plan, parts and whole, full listing of works

Partnership 據點演繹, WIP Inspection 句點。定期發表

2020.07.04-19 腹語系:微敘思考 Thinking Narratively… “The Ventriloquists”

63 works form a constellation of sight-and-sound surfaces, a carnivalesque clash of countenances, from BA students, the School of Creative Media. 63個作品合體為星群,微聲合洪亮的協奏,不分主副:夢式敘事,線性的歧路花園。影像/圖像蒙太奇,似動畫非動畫,另類邏輯。圖像數據分析名作,地圖、樂譜、故事板通通挪用。創意媒體學院文學士學生誠意邀請。(organized by Linda Lai and Kel Lok)

Partnership 據點演繹, Stock-taking 點子上倉, WIP Inspection 句點。定期發表

【香港獨立藝術空間群體籌款活動】Hong Kong Collective Independent Art Spaces Fundraiser

Floating Projects will join 16 other local independent art spaces in a fund drive. In a period of 6 weeks, posters of works by 29 2020Solidarity international artists, at HKD400 each, will be available on Para Site's Shopify (on-line shop).「據點。句點」與本地16個獨立藝術空間欣然宣布一項新的籌款活動,以支持香港獨立藝術空間群體。請在Para Site 網上商店購買一張(或更多!)#2020Solidarity系列特別版海報。 特別版海報現正發售>>

Partnership 據點演繹

Michael Leung’s ON LAND series in the Insurrectionary Agricultural Milieux「在地」系列:梁志剛起義式的農耕氛圍手記

ON LAND is a series of on-going research notes by doctoral researcher Michael Leung (LEUNG Tsz-kwong) on emancipatory farming communities in the global Neoliberal era, which will publish as journal entries once a week at Floating Teatime's Seriously Speaking, starting 8 May 2020, as he moves through communities of collective actions around the world.

Partnership 據點演繹, Stock-taking 點子上倉

「據點一杯茶」冬暖夏涼,為『據點。句點』和你繼續入氣。Floating Teatime keeps the window open, kettle on, for you and the collective…

據點於COVID-19 抗疫期間也許門庭冷落少見訪客。「據點一杯茶」暖火長燃,不住通氣,打開一扇窗或半掩門,在尋常中挑寶,引發對話。一群樂意分享的據點人和友好,將不住發表。初夏臨到,請萬徹期待。Please stay tuned with Floating Teatime. Our on-line writing corner's windows are wide open, kettle always on, for a tea or coffee that brews new ideas in the midst of COVID-19 social distancing.

Partnership 據點演繹, Stock-taking 點子上倉, WIP Inspection 句點。定期發表

2020.03.17-18, 04.04. 04.11 Video Manifesto 2 artists meeting up in 4 on-line workshops 「錄像宣言2」創作者在線工作坊

三十幾位「錄像宣言二」的創作者在三四月期間的四次在線工作坊中深入切磋。30 plus selected artists are meeting in March and April 2020 in 4 different on-line workshops to critically engage in one another's videographic practices.

Partnership 據點演繹, WIP Inspection 句點。定期發表, Workshops 工作室

2020.03.11-18 後#MeToo藝術 Post #MeToo Art

Curated by Phoebe Man. Venue Sponsor: The Jockey Club Creative Arts Centre. Supported by Hong Kong Society for Education in Art and Hong Kong Arts Development Council. Venue partner: Floating Projects. 文晶瑩策展。支持機構:香港美術教育協會。場地贊助:賽馬會創意藝術中心。資助:香港藝術發展局。場地伙伴:據點。

Partnership 據點演繹, Stock-taking 點子上倉, WIP Inspection 句點。定期發表

Relentless Animation Jam 即興實驗動畫工作坊

4 session of experimental animation workshop, lead by Linca Chan @RelentlessMelt 1. Animation Relay (Picture) --- 12/11/2019(Tue) 19:30 – 21:30 2. Aniamtion Panels --- 16/11/2019(Sat) 14:00 – 17:00 3. Animation Relay 2 (Movement) --- 19/11/2019(Tue) 19:30 – 21:30 4. Animated Poetry --- 23/11/2019(Sat) 14:00 – 17:00

Partnership 據點演繹, Workshops 工作室

“Levitated Potentiality 2”: Floating Projects & Writing Machine Collective at FLAME Festival HK

8 artists whose works have been shown at Floating Projects and Writing Machine Collective events will be represented at the 1st video art fair in Asia, FLAME Festival HK, 4-6 Oct 2019, among 50 other artists and galleries. The collection of work, Levitated Potentiality 2, is artist Linda Lai's attempt to broaden the scope of videography to the visitors.

FP outbound 句點在城中。據點外遊, Partnership 據點演繹, Stock-taking 點子上倉

Elemental Dynamite | “Neighbourhoods & Aliens” from Verina Gfader

                    Elemental Dynamite Mid-Autumn Season | Guest-curated by Max Hattler Neighbourhoods & Aliens 鄰里與外星人 25 Sept 2019 | 7pm Presentation from Verina Gfader + Discussion with Verina Gfader and Max Hattler 研討將以放映、閱讀和討論的形式進行,考察當今的動畫生態與視覺抽象的各種形式和傳說,以更全面的方式思考動畫作為「任何類型的動畫力量」的取態。(Morton,2013) 探討存在於無生命和有生命之間的極限空間。類里與外星人圍繞各種單位,包括家庭,生活現實,居住環境:靠近卻又經常被忽視的地方(鄰近的環境/社區),看似疏遠或異化的各種情況。這次提出的作品偏向像野生的混合物,有來自花園,法國郊區與建築模型的圖像,家養動物​​,遊樂場以及不受空間限制的色彩⋯ The talk in the format of screening, reading, and discussion, contemplates on forms–and legends–of visual abstraction…

Partnership 據點演繹, Stock-taking 點子上倉, WIP Inspection 句點。定期發表

Elemental Dynamite Mid-Autumn Season: “Phantom Horizons” @ Floating Projects. Robert Seidel’s program for Kuenstlerhaus Bethanien 《原格破裂》之「幻地平線」

「幻地平線」,《原格破裂》中秋續賞:來自德國的抽象動畫 Abstract animation guest-curated by Max Hattler. Robert Seidel's "Phantom Horizons," which marks Elemental Dynamite's mid-autumn events, introduces "Linear perspective" Vs "status perspective" as a deconstructive, experimental method, opening up unseen, multi-faceted horizons. 18 September 2019, 7:00pm @ Floating Projects

Partnership 據點演繹, Stock-taking 點子上倉, WIP Inspection 句點。定期發表

Elemental Dynamite: Research on Intermedia Practices in Animated Pictures 原格破裂 – 動畫的互媒實驗綜覽

Click HERE for more detail.   請按此處閱覽活動詳情 Video interview shorts: What is Elemental Dynamite? How is the summer series addressing some of the key questions? [1..] Tools and Labor: Snow White / Winnie Yan [2…] Nobuhiro AIHARA: the everyday into animation / Linda Lai [3..] Out-of-the frame animation / Linda Lai [4…] Opening up the definition of…

Artistic Production 實驗場, FP outbound 句點在城中。據點外遊, Partnership 據點演繹, Stock-taking 點子上倉, WIP Inspection 句點。定期發表, Workshops 工作室

Floating Projects overseas upcoming (Aug-Oct) 據點外遊8-10月

FP will have our footprints in Melbourne, Hong Kong and Cordoba from August to October. 這個炎夏和初秋,據點。句點的形影足跡由香港出發,南達澳洲墨爾本,西至西班牙哥多華。

Artistic Production 實驗場, FP outbound 句點在城中。據點外遊, Partnership 據點演繹, WIP Inspection 句點。定期發表

Floating Projects Artist Residency Program Outbound | edition #2 (2019 fall) Call for Application 據點.句點 海外駐留支援計劃(2019秋) 申請募集

Floating Projects Artist Residency Program at C3A-Cordoba, Spain Outbound | edition #2 (2019 fall) Call for Application [Application Guideline in PDF  (Eng/Chi) ]  **中文版接英文版 Application Opens: 20th June, 2019 Application deadline **EXTENDED**: 11:59pm , 7th July, 2019  (SUN ) On-line submissio Interviews: Early July 2019 Result Announcement: 14th July,  2019 Residency Period:   2019 Oct  @C3A…

FP outbound 句點在城中。據點外遊, Partnership 據點演繹, WIP Inspection 句點。定期發表

來自拉丁美洲的敘事及視覺實驗 Latin American narratives and visual experimentation:

A DOUBLE BILL | Film and performance works experimented in Latin America will be presented by Mario Guzman (Mexico, Argentina) who will also show his works.

Partnership 據點演繹

《異質地誌:褶疊待延的皇后大道》於「出。略」,句點群體在城中 | LOST TEXTURES at “Exit Strategies”; FPC at H Queen’s in Central

Queen's Road Central and its surroundings in the 1930s unfolded for its lost everyday textures, and re-wrapped through artistic re-invention for the 21st visitors. 剖開1930年代的皇后大道中一帶,用21世紀的藝術心情重新折疊,重現另一種的物質存有。

FP outbound 句點在城中。據點外遊, Partnership 據點演繹

Relentless Melt No. 13: Consecutive Correspondences

Relentless Melt No. 13: Consecutive Correspondences/ Curated by Max Hattler/ 15 May 2019 (Wednesday) 6:30-8:30pm

Partnership 據點演繹, Stock-taking 點子上倉

Relentless Melt No. 10: Year of the Bore

Relentless Melt No. 10: Year of the Bore/ Curated by Max Hattler/ 23 January 2019 (Wednesday) 6:00-8:00pm

Partnership 據點演繹, Stock-taking 點子上倉


A One night Live Performance curated by Frederique Decombe 16 / 12 / 2018. 18:00 – 19:00 (starts 18:00 sharp)

Partnership 據點演繹

動畫人之島 Isle of Animators

Saturday, 10 November 2018 from 15:00-18:00 | 【動畫人小聚:英國與香港定格動畫淺談】| Animation Creatives Networking Event featuring UK & HK stop-motion artists Laura Tofarides and Joshua Flynn ...

Partnership 據點演繹, Stock-taking 點子上倉

From WCH Assemblage to SKM Assemblage: new leaf turned today 石硤尾新頁,再來聚疊

「據點 2.0」打開門:開幕馬拉松 FP 2.o Kick-off Marathon | 表演 Performance: | 星期日 2018年9月23日,下午2:30至5:30 | 2:30-5:30pm, Sunday, 23 September 2018 | SKM 聚疊演出 | SKM Assemblage

Artistic Production 實驗場, Partnership 據點演繹, Stock-taking 點子上倉, WIP Inspection 句點。定期發表

Between Memory + Image 在記憶+影像之間 (7 videographers on what they do with a camera)

1st Oct 2018 (Mon) 3pm - 6pm Zach McLane and Susan Lin will share their videographic experience and what they and 5 friends have done. Zach McLane 和林星語會暢談他們和五個同伴的錄像書寫的樂趣,並分享其中的一些成果。

Partnership 據點演繹, Stock-taking 點子上倉

Relentless Melt No. 4: Integrated Services Audiovisual Network

Relentless Melt presents a series of experimental collaborations between English electronica duo Isan and animators from the School of Creative Media, City University of Hong Kong. 05.6.2018 (5 June 2018), 6:00-9:00pm @ FP

Partnership 據點演繹, Stock-taking 點子上倉

La Chinoise, by Sunny Zheng 鄭沅芷說《中國女》

Sunny Zheng's first trial of a video essay critiquing the images of women in Chinese cinema, now presented as an installation comprising a video, a booklet, and embedded performances, her Bachelor's degree's graduation thesis. 9-15.05.2018

Artistic Production 實驗場, Partnership 據點演繹

Ramblings 漫游 by Catherine Clover

A sound walk and performance led by Catherine Clover 13 December 2017 5.30pm, Wed @Floating Projects, Wong Chuk Hang, Hong Kong

Partnership 據點演繹

16mm film workshop (for FPC members and friends)

11:00am - 6:00pm, 22 July 2017. A 6-hour in-house 16mm film workshop generously initiated by Richard Tuohy and Dianna Barrie for FPC members and friends...

FP outbound 句點在城中。據點外遊, Partnership 據點演繹, Workshops 工作室

‘New Territories’, Charles Richardson

Exhibition: 11th Feb – 19th Feb 2017 Charles Richardson (Visual artist, UK) will be showing a short film plus students’ outcomes of a 3D-scanning workshop he hosted at Floating Projects under Artist Mutual Support Scheme

Artistic Production 實驗場, Partnership 據點演繹

Charles Richardson – Capturing Reality – Sessions in 3D-photoscanning

22.01.2017 (Sun) Session 1: Artist talk: Charles Richardson Time: 2:00 pm -3:15 pm Session 2: The 3D-scanning workshop – by Charles Richardson Time: 4:00 pm – 6:30pm

Partnership 據點演繹, Stock-taking 點子上倉, Workshops 工作室

從觀看說起 張才生個展 | Start from seeing Solo Exhibition by Samson Cheung

《從觀看說起...》張才生個人作品展 | Start from Seeing - Solo Exhibition by Samson Cheung Choi Sang 17/12/2016 - 31/12/2016

Partnership 據點演繹

AGE # x – Anti-Gravity Eclecticism & Anti-Greetings Extremism

AGE # x   – Anti-Gravity Eclecticism & Anti-Greetings Extremism 26th December , 2015 (Sat) 7pm @floating projects line up: AGE (Acoustic Glitch Ensemble)   – Arkajolie   – Naturalismo – Wong Chun-hoi featuring Andio Lai (electronics)  – Lau Ho-chi (unknown)  – sorry , under construction P E A C E  (guitar / vocal)  – Facebook…

Partnership 據點演繹

《兩個練習》 | Exercise I & II

2015-10-24   4:00pm -6:00 pm  @floating projects 《兩個練習》 展出王偉健的兩段行為錄像《流淚練習》(2012)及《暴力練習》(2015)。 作品分別於國民教育爭議期間及「暗角七警」事件一週年前夕完成,以錄像紀錄身體與意識之 角力,展示於强制自虐或被虐情況下的身體反射動作。 《流淚練習 Tear-Shedding Exercise》 片長:6 分 16 秒 以膠紙拉扯眼皮,讓眼球長時間曝露空氣,凝視國旗,直至流淚。 《暴力練習 Exercises in violence》 片長:33 分 48 秒 讀出「暗角七警,拳打腳踢,第1日,沒有人被起訴」,每次讀畢,即被掌摑一巴。如是者, 數至第365日。   藝術家簡歷 王偉健 1987年出生於香港,香港城市大學創意媒體學院文學士,嶺南大學文化研究碩 士。從事錄像、攝影、行為及裝置等跨媒介創作,他的作品關注物件的時間性 ,及當中引延之記憶,並多次以行為作品回應社會議題,例如《維多利亞蒸 氣》(2006)《暴力練習》(2015)。其作品曾於紐約,台北及香港等地展 出。王氏現同時任職新聞機構《立場新聞》,專責新聞錄像及攝影。     Exercise I & II Two performance art videos, ‘Tear-Shedding Exercise’ (2012) and ‘Exercises in Violence’(2015), from Kenji…

Partnership 據點演繹

Book Launch + Ambience Intervention: SOFT IMAGE: Towards a New Theory of the Digital Image

Please join us at Floating Projects this coming Thursday 22 Oct 2015, 7-9 pm ***Unit 8D, Kwai Bo Industrial Building, no. 40 Wong Chuk Hang, Hong Kong Island south*** … for the launch of a new book Softimage: Towards a New Theory of the Digital Image, published last month with Intellect/Chicago UP, by Ingrid Hoelzl and…

Partnership 據點演繹

Hong Kong customs and traditions: an evening of video works from CUHK students’ visual research

May 6 (Sunday), 7:30pm @ FPC ‘Visual Research Methods’ students at CUHK explored aspects of Hong Kong everyday life in their final works with a theme ‘Hong Kong customs and traditions’ in Spring 2012. As a result, a number of them produced video footage of their chosen topic, also experiencing the method of videography for the…

Partnership 據點演繹

Evans Chan’s ‘Two or Three Things about Kang Youwei’ 康有為二三事 (2012) & ‘Bauhinia’ 紫荊 (2002)

Press Screening: Friday, 7:00pm, April 13, 2012 @ Floating Projects Collective / 放映後設有酒會。 1st floor, 99 Queen’s Road East, Wanchai 灣仔皇后大道東99號二樓 Press Screenings of 2 works by director Evans Chan 陳耀成 《紫荊》Bauhinia (2002) Hong Kong, color, drama, in Chinese and English, with English and Chinese subtitles. 50 min. Commissioned by RTHK/香港電臺電視台邀約作品 (*Hong Kong premiere香港首映)  紐約2001 年。一位洋名為「紫荊」(李珺)的香港女留學生,正製作一部有關中國一子政策的記錄片。9/11恐怖襲擊突然發生,她剪接室的窗下是巳夷為平地的世貿中心。而她剛有了身孕...夏威夷電影節的Christopher…

Partnership 據點演繹, Stock-taking 點子上倉