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大碟名稱: 九歌 Nine Songs

藝術家/ 音樂人: 甘浩望 (Franco Mella)、黃仁逵 (Yankwai Wong)、生田萬二 (Ikuta Manji)、邱立信(Nelson Hiu)、曾永曦 (Wilson Tsang)、郭達年 (Lenny Kwok) & 俊君 (Jun Zhu)、思樂維 (Madeleine M. Slavick)、Edmund Leung & 疏影 (Shuying)、思農 (Snow) & 阿草 (Cao)及伯唐 (Bo Tang)

策動者: 郭達年 (Lenny Kwok)

出版: 艺鵠 (ACO Sound 系列)

語言: 廣東話、國語、英文、意大利文、日文

作品數目: 10 首

發行日期: 2016 年 6 月 2 日

建議零售價: HKD120








Sound羊《坐這山 望這山》
定價: HKD100

Published by 出版| Soundpocket 聲音掏腰包
Album Title 專輯名稱 | DAY AFTER 翌日 [2014. 9.29 – 12.12]
About the Album 關於專輯|
DAY AFTER翌日 [2014. 9.29 – 12.12] is a collective album of the sounds of Umbrella Movement. DAY AFTER presents the chronological order of the recordings from September 29 to December 12, that is, from the day after the police shot tear gas to the day after the clearance. This album began as a field recording investigative project initiated by The Library by soundpocket in January 2015. Aiming at collecting and preserving the first hand materials of the Umbrella Movement from the angle of‘sound, the investigation put together the sonic recordings and artists’ testimony about their listening experiences in a bona fide social movement.
DAY AFTER翌日[2014. 9.29 – 12.12] 是一張結集雨傘運動聲音的CD專輯。「翌日」是指雨傘運動開始以及結束之後的一天,即警察發放催淚彈到金鐘佔領區被清場後的一天;也就是這張專輯的第一段和最後一段錄音的日期。這張專輯起源於2015年1月,由「聲音圖書館」策劃的「雨傘運動-田野錄音調查」。調查以搜集和整理雨傘運動的一手聲音資料為目標,以「聲音」的角度,藝術家的聆聽經驗去理解和探討錄音。

定價: HKD150

“walking in a daze”
Fiona Lee
CD Album |專輯


Fiona Lee’s debut release, the album was recorded during the early days of her auditory journey between 2011 and 2016. The arrangement of the 7 pieces displays the interaction of field recordings with electronic music. Audience could learn about how she listens in daily life, performances and sound installations. “Walking in a daze” refers to the state of her listening habits. By mixing soft noise and field recordings, the album expresses emotions for different spaces and personal memories.

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Start from seeing 《從觀看說起…》
BOOK | 書籍
Pay What You Can | 自由定價

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Socially Engaged Art 《社會交往式藝術》
BOOK | 書籍
文晶瑩 Phoebe Man
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SAMPLE Issue 01
BOOK | 書籍
Ernest IP
$ 50

SAMPLE Issue 02
BOOK | 書籍
Ernest IP
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whatever | 有待命名

Writing Machine Collective ed. 2
Computer DATA DVD ROM  | 電腦光碟
Writing Machine Collective (2007)
$ 自由訂價  Pay What You Can