The Squatting Urchins…

THE TALE OF SQUATTING URCHINS (150 minutes / 2011 / Terence Chan)
 @ FPC, 2:30pm / Saturday, June 25, 2011


   Just a few hours after raw noon.

   Nothing to worry about. 

   No nuisance of metaphor.

   Discard the panicking shrimp.

   Worried minute after minute, I would do the counting. 

   Havent seen you before?

   Neither have I seen anyone yet. 

   Would you pass me some butter ? 

   From where in vacuum plain is the images quilted ? 

   The adjusted musician would tell me all about it. 

   Let them urchins fall tender calculated off the staircase. 

   No animals whatsoever where harmed in the making of this video. 

   Im sick today. . . please,  feel free to have some more.

  – terrence chan





 The Tale of Squatting Urchins (2011, 150 mins) is an experimental piece asking questions about what a single-channel video can do in face of established ‘tradition’ and histories of experimental moving image. The 2-1/2-hour work feels like a strong breeze. At once meditation, prose, poetry, murmurs and what could be in-between, the young artist turns editing into a performance of brewing almost-drama bits that interpolate the middle-class-biased city landscape of Hong Kong. The Tale of Squatting Urchins is in a way the artist’s concluding note for his undergraduate education on the eve of graduation. Terrence Chan will be present to introduce and discuss his works afterwards. Your generous engagement with the young artist is most welcome. (Linda LAI)