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| 單窗作品放映:「然後若有」
Single-channel Video Screening: ‘About to drop’
| 二零一六年 一月十日 (星期日) 下午四時正 至 晚上六時正
10 January 2016 (Sun) | 4:00-6:00pm

Artists |

Don TSANG 曾旭熙
Billy NGAI 魏沛賢




On the immediate aftermath of the last second you are anticipating what may come before the final ending. In the crevice between what’s known and what’s unknown, you ponder, “What’s next?” You wander and linger, interacting with events yet to be known. One question falls in the light of its answers, another question arises.

Oh curious people… You are looking at this side thinking what’s on the flip side, and vice versa. The questions the makers have in mind and those in yours interrogate one another. Your desires drive you to make out what it is you’re looking. Or is what you make out always already prescribed in the maker’s scheme against your desires?

Works |

don why whynot

Why? Why Not? 為何?又如何?》
Don TSANG Yuk-Hei 曾旭熙
Hong Kong | 2015 | Color | 30’19” | Sound |


I am compelling myself. I am compelling you.
What is it that you are expecting? Why do you have such expectation?
Is this about the ethics of videography, or of narrativity? My morality, or yours?
And why do you care?


A Hundred Doubts

A Hundred Doubts 一百個懷疑》
Billy NGAI Pui-Yin 魏沛賢
Hong Kong | 2015 | Color | 21’10” | Sound |

探索作品與人之間互動的可能性,以純問題的討論形式,邀請參與者成為主動的觀眾(Active Audience),以觀賞經驗為主軸,內容為副,思考啟發性(Inspiration)、期望(Expectation)與潛在的(Hidden)三者之間跟互動性(Interactivity)的關係。

<A Hundred Doubts> explores the possibility of interaction between artworks and their beholders by a direct questioning discussion format. It invites the viewers to be “Active Audience,” subjugating the content of a work to viewers’ experience. My work seeks to understand the place of inspiration, expectation and potentiality (what’s hidden) in constructing interactivity.


** Videos in the screening are available for viewing in Floating Project’s Media Library. Please contact contact@floatingprojectscollective.net for further detail