Right Here, Left Now, Out There 在這,仍在,現在 | Micro-Narrative 微敘事 2019

Right Here, Left Now, Out There 在這,仍在,現在

Micro-Narrative 2019

29 May 2019 @ FP | 6:30-8:30pm

“I am a tourist,” I reminded myself. Though I might appear to be in a position (a teaching assistant) that is closer to be someone “in the know”, more often I wish to have that courage just to ask, to understand more clearly what push each one of them to hold up a camera and press that little red button, something I felt very reluctant to do from time to time.

Where were you? What cameras were you holding? How long was the take? How many shots did you throw away? How are you lately, are you alright?

Right Here, Left Now, Out There showcases a series of visual experimentation from students in the class Micro-Narratives (School of Creative Media) conducted by Prof. Linda Lai during the year. Out of almost 80 pieces of work produced from this class, the selected works in this event reflect multiple trajectories that demonstrate some conscientious explorations, from time/space, the medium and its format, to many more personal insights and distinct intuition in constructing their many own micro-narratives.

| Winnie Yan, selector for the video program


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Video works to show…

Aurelia Giovanni LAKSMANA
2m46s / 2019 / Sound / Colour

Alexander FRANK
Three Frames
2m36s / 2019 / Sound / Colour

LAM Yuen-Ching Esther 林琬晴
You Come I Come Over
2m10s / 2019 / Sound / Colour

LEUNG Yiu-lam Marco 梁耀林
2m51s / 2019 / Sound / Colour

Ittiteerarak Weera-it 張國樑
Tense And Stretch
2m / 2019 / Sound / B&W

Savannah Wei 魏珂
Through the Tunnel
1m59s / 2019 / Silent / Colour

Michelle SHUM 岑曉昕
10 secs
1m39s / 2019 / Sound / B&W

HO Sum Yee Sammi 何心怡
3m21s / 2019 / Sound / Colour

JI Ziwei 季子惟
Hide and Seek
2m15s / 2019 / Silent / Colour

HUI Tsz Ho 許梓昊
2m41s/ 2019 / Sound / Colour

Aurelia Giovanni LAKSMANA
4m45s / 2019 / Sound / Colour

LEE Pui-yan 李佩恩
2m38s / 2019 / Sound / Colour

KWONG Wai-yi 鄺惠怡
Assignment 3
1m33s / 2019 / Sound / Colour

Marvin HAUCK
Day Rain
11m20s / 2019 / Sound / Colour

LAM Yuen Ching, Esther 林琬晴
5m6s / 2019 / Sound / Colour

MAN Nga-lok Esther 文雅樂
I Learned My Alphabets from ABC Soup
5m13s / 2019 / Sound / Colour

WU Man-chiu Joris 胡文釗
Swim, in the sea of Victoria
14m30s / 2019 / Sound / Colour

***Total Running Time: 69m 27s