GRAND OPENING 02 (22-23 Aug 2015) — journeys of food, London, Hong Kong… + Moving Moving-image

“Locating alternative food chains – journeys of surplus food”

Dr. Daisy D.S. TAM | 譚迪詩博士 (HK Baptist University) []

Conducted in English with bi-lingual discussion

22 August 2015 (Saturday); 3:00pm @ Floating Projects (8D, no. 40 Wong Chuk Hang Road)
From the days of working as a trader selling apples in London’s Borough Market, I have been fascinated by the alternative and subterranean economies of leftover food. Peddling leftovers in the market has opened up different worlds of engaging with food which led me to my current project on Hong Kong’s food rescue operations. Locating, channelling and distributing surplus food to places where they might be used as a resource is not a form of “charity” but raises our awareness to the problems of our current food system. My talk will explore these issues in the context of moving towards a more ethical food system.

 “How food and farming solve my hesitation and question on alternative life, as an artist”

Natalie LO | 勞麗麗 [FP artist]
In Cantonese
22 August 2015 (Saturday); 5:30pm @ Floating Projects (8D, no. 40 Wong Chuk Hang Road)

Artist Natalie Lo (Lo Lai-lai) will talk about the shifts in her art creation practices. How does she review the autonomy and alternative life as an artist? The talk will be illustrated with analogue and digital images.

image courtesy of Natalie Lo

image courtesy of Natalie Lo

“Moving Moving-Images” 移動移動影像

on the verge of the Chinese GHOST Festival 鬼譜

Bill TAM Wing-piu  | 譚永標

22 August 2015 (Sat); 5:00pm (** newly added )  @ Floating Projects (8D, no. 40 Wong Chuk Hang Road)
22 August 2015 (Sat); 8:00pm  @ Floating Projects (8D, no. 40 Wong Chuk Hang Road)
23 August 2015 (Sun); 4:00pm @ Floating Projects (8D, no. 40 Wong Chuk Hang Road)

This is a “new” medium for narrative. I name it “moving moving-images,” a new relation between theater space and cinematic space. — Bill Tam

floating projects Spatial Pressure Calibration 0.01 — Milad H. Mozari + 3 Aries

Milad H. Mozari (US / electronics) 
(HK / guitar + vocal)
Andio Lai
(FP Artist / electronics)
Wong Chun Hoi
(FP Artist / wind + modular synth)

23 August 2015 (Sun); 7:30pm @ Floating Projects (8D, no. 40 Wong Chuk Hang Road)

Milad H. Mozari


Milad Mozari is an interdisciplinary artist and educator whose work in video, sculpture and performance move through the complex role of mobile sites and their associated norms and behavior. While studying for his BS in International Studies at the University of Utah, he began to make and exhibit work about language and place. He continued his studies at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago, where he received an MFA in the Department of Sound. He has presented works and lectures in the United States, Ireland, Hong Kong, Taiwan and South Korea. His research based practice often start with sound experimentations, which then grow into larger transitory performances dealing with issues of socio-economic status, labor and gender. He currently lives in Chicago where he teaches at SAIC in the Department of AIADO and Sculpture.


Screen Shot 2015-08-19 at 3.01.32 pm


Born 1991, Hong Kong. Write and sing occasionally. Still searching for a way (if any, the best way) to articulate.