Fung Moon Kee: making you mine 小號大造馮滿記

COMING UP this Saturday (September 10, 2011), 2:30p.m. at FPC.

Fung Moon Kee: making you mine  號大造馮滿記 / 40 minutes / 2011 / Hong Kong /

A work of visual ethnography by Tiffany Yu 余智敏

For over a year now, I have been seeing the 85-to-be Lam Chi-yim, manager of a traditional embroidery shop in Yaumatei. I interviewed him, photographed him, and we chat.

Mr. Lam’s story could have been another typical story in the name of cultural preservation for the activists in recent years. Indeed, Lam and the shop he looks after have been covered by the media more than just a few times as they fit the grand stories about old shops in old districts.

In this 40-minute video, I show how Mr. Lam turns the store into the articulation of his life experiences – his views of how to survive many generations of changes, and how to be human.