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據點空間壓力測試 0.04 : 三年後的同步過冬 – floating projects Spatial Pressure Calibration 0.04 : synchronising winter after 3 years

20th December , 2015  (SUN); 8:00pm   @ Floating Projects (8D, no. 40 Wong Chuk Hang Road)
suggested entry donation: $50 (with 1 drink) 建議入場捐獻:$50 (連一杯飲品)

Line up  演出

Jasper FUNG |  馮俊彥   ____  Transient spikes
Fiona LEE  | 李穎姍   ___ “trial & error for unexpected sounds & signals or anything else
Jay TSE _____ Modular synthesizer
WONG Chun-hoi + WONG Fuk-kuen  |  王鎮海+黃福權  (floating projects artists |  據點。句點藝術家)  ____ “sampling Pa-chin-ko and Television

intro 事源:



* 演出內容如有更改,演出後會通知觀眾一起吃火鍋提早做冬




biography | 簡歷
Jasper FUNG | 馮俊彥


Jasper Fung, artist and musician from Hong Kong and currently based in Austria. His work intertwines installation and sound performance that arouse introspection into today’s discourteous and coarse world alongside the rapid elimination of social interactiveness. Fung’s installation works explore the terrain over sound & space and the multi-mediality of sound while his performance manipulates circuit bending in the context of electroacoustic composition.



Fiona LEE  | 李穎姍


Fiona Lee was born in Hong Kong,SAR China . Her artworks were based on installation and performance. Her recent performances & installations are focused on the relationship between sound frequency & electromagnetic field.By adapting the phenomenon of electromagnetism into the art pieces , to explore the possibility & the diversity of electronic & acoustic materials .
“delight”, a sound & light performance has been performed in several festivals & concerts in Taiwan, Korea , Macau & Hong Kong  .



Jay ’s sound performance would like to deliver the unlimited possibilities in a limited situation. He makes use of different kinds of sound elements generated by analogue synthesizer during the performance in order to compose the dynamic of layers.The sense of space would be conducted by the echoes & the variety of changes could be felt in rhythms .


Wong Chun-hoi + Wong Fuk-kuen  |  王鎮海+黃福權   (floating projects artists |  據點。句點藝術家)

profile_pic_355px_Square_BW  fukkuen-portrait