2022.03.06-31 (Publishing) To Find Each Other: A hybrid show…an open work: please join 因書仔而相遇協作:請參與梁志剛多源共緣的開放文本

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Registration form (Zine workshop) 報名表(齊齊來做書仔)

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Exhibition dates extended to 14 April 2021 inclusive.

Event dates:

  • Saturday 6 March, 3-5pm: Cantonese sharing, with Cantonese sign language
  • Sunday 7 March, 3-5pm: English sharing, with break

Michael will talk about the materials in the exhibition, and share what will be added to the FP space and online during the month.

  • Saturday 13 March, 3-5pm: Zine workshop (Cantonese), with break
  • Saturday 20 March, 3-5pm: Zine workshop (English), with break

The zine workshop welcomes people to bring photos, texts, drawings, etc. and make a zine — with or without a computer, at Floating Projects or from elsewhere. Michael will share how he made some of the zines in the exhibition and (self-)publishes them.

  • Saturday 27 March, FP opening hours (2:00-8:00pm): Studio time (Michael working at Floating Projects and happy to chat)
  • Wednesday 31 March. Let’s play chess.



A zine is a growingly important mode of sharing and gathering to meaningfully nourish communities, through making and publishing handy and affordable little books. 

Michael Leung’s zine works in this month-long event shows his versatile practice: beyond printing, his activities have extended to multifarious participatory and activist motions, as social design, as the assemblance of other’s zines, as annotations of concrete human rights moments, transmediation to video essays and serial write-ups for serious/scholarly research.

There is no strict prescription for what a zine may look or contain; there is only the comradeship in cultivating shared spaces to articulate existential and quotidian concerns that have escaped dominant discourses and mainstream narratives. 

This is a hybrid practice in the sense that we seek to reach out to as many communities, levels of expression and media modes as possible. Affordability. Transportability. Versatility. These ideals bring together innovations of all kinds. An open work in itself.

This month-long series is also a hybrid event as we weave moments of conversation and collaboration into the exhibition of objects. The show not only embodies the voices of many individuals and the different voices of the same individual, but it also “grows” and “evolves” in the process of the four weeks. 


Inspiration for the show:

Printed Matter’s Virtual Art Book Fair | https://www.instagram.com/p/CLjhg6rljs5/?igshid=1sqqwkva1sizc


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