2020.10.10-10.25 A U D I O 音

A U D I O_ a pop-up exhibition on analog tapes and digital files
_ 一個關於錄音帶和數碼檔案的即興展覧

Setup: 2020.10.05 ONWARDS
Work collection: ONGOING


2020.10.10 — 2020.10.25
Participants: to be UPDATES | All are WELCOME
Created by: Andio (FPC member) and Sky (Guest Artist) 

***Watch out for more updates.

展期內會有特定的 “UPLOAD” 以及 “jamming“ 時間。


In the third year of FP2.0 at JCCAC, Andio Lai wants to try out another event similar to the Sketch Out show (稿展) in 2018. Assembled this time will be performance-related old media files from FP1.0 and FP2.0, which hopefully generates something new through the exhibition period.


More importantly, Andio is experimenting with new event formats under the pandemics and post-pandemics work conditions. Would an impromptu mode embracing flexibility with a carefree touch also generated something valuable and spatially innovative?


A digital player for image and audio will be installed on site with a couple of fixed sessions for live upload and jamming.
Concept of the event: ARTNOTES, Floating Teatime […]