WONG Wing Shan Pat (Flyingpig)

urban sketcher / illustrator / animator / visual artist / media designer

Graduated from the School of Creative Media, the City University of Hong Kong, majored in Animation.

Individual exhibition”Flyingpig畫野展” with 草原地圖 (lawnmap), 2015
Exhibition “法國五月 氣候變化與年青藝術家對話” in Art Centre, 2015
Exhibition with 事吉茶記 in 土家故事館, 2015
Exhibition with 事吉茶記 in 藍屋故事館, 2015
Animation《1st February》SCM This Slow That Fast: exhibition at HKVAC, 2014
Animation《1st February》參展 CULTaMAP「銳角: 珠三角獨立動畫放映巡禮」, 2013

Book “事吉茶記”, launched in 2015
Book “傘下速寫”, launched in 2015
Book “Breakzine 變奏”, Umbrella Admiralty map in 2015
Book 白紙 “被時代選中的我們” illustration

Interview 商業電台 881 “馬路的事,我地的事”, 2015
Interview 香港電台 “普通話台”, 2015
Interview TVB “週未搜記”, 2015
Interview 商業電台 903 “急急子雜雜誌 with “事吉茶記”, 2014
Interview “事吉茶記” Umagzine, 2014
Interview “事吉茶記” 新假期, 2014
Interview “事吉茶記” 100毛, 2014
Interview “事吉茶記” South China Morning Post, 2013

“全因泥泊爾”charity portrait drawing, 2015
“我要真小販”charity portrait portrait drawing, 2015
“Juice X Sunday market ” portrait drawing, 2015