Gyorgy PALOS [overseas artist]

Filmmaker / Documentarian / Writer, Critic / Photographer / Cinematographer / Producer / Overseas Artist (Hungary)

Gyorgy Palos, Hungarian, was born in Cairo, Egypt. Producer, film director, director of photography, sriptwriter, photographer, he has over twenty-five years of experience in the film industry, has been awareded the prestigious Bela Balazs Award and has won several awards at national and international film festivals. He was Visiting Assistant Professor at School of Creative Media, Hong Kong, 2012-2015. He is board member of Independent Hungarian Filmmakers Society, also Member of Hungarian Film Director’s Society. He speaks French and English.



Doctor of Liberal Arts (DLA) 2015 Thesis: Practice and Education of Documentary Film Making.

MA, French and History, Eotvos Lorand University, Budapest, 1986

Recent professional activities (selection):

2007- 2012 Head of Millenaris TV Studio, Budapest. Producer of more than 100 television programs.

2004 – 2007 Writes film and television program critics for Hungarian film magazines, like Magyar Narancs, Pergo Kepek.

Since 2004 – Film producer.

1996 – 2010 Organizer and Shop Steward for INPUT (International Public Television Conference), one the most famous Television Conference about public service and innovation

1995- 2010 Made more than 50 documentaries about pedagogical innovation in the Hungarian educational system.

Selected Films, Awards, Festivals:

2014 – Photo exhibition, HKU, Hong Kong

2013 – „Future Cinema”, 52 min. HD, documentary with Gyorgy Czaban, Csilla Gyori. “Immigrants in Hungary”, documentary series, with Kata Soos, 3 episodes, 25 min each.

2012 – “Immigrants in Hungary”, documentary series, 3 episodes, 25 min each.

2011 – “Every young people makes stupidities”, documentary, 80 min., HD. “Young autistic persons at work”, documentary, 65 min., HD, with digital animation.

2010 “As you want it”, documentary, 65 min, HD. – Budapest Film festival, 2010 – Dialect Documentary Film Festival, 2010 – Verzio Documentary Film Festival 2010. “Pressuring each other”, documentary, 65 min, HD. “Turtle on board”, series of 64 episodes of a digital artistic works for young audience. – Best TV Program Award, Camera Hungaria, 2010

2009 – “Who are you to know who I am!’, documentary, 72 min. – Best documentary director, Hungarian Film Festival 2009.

2006 – “Livia Rev, pianist”, documentary, 60 min. “Storno”, 90 min. fiction, 35 mm.

2002 – “Two Sundays in Hungary”, documentary, 25 min. – Best TV Program Award, Camera Hungaria, 2002

2000 – “Le petit voyage”, 90 min. fiction, 35 mm. – Audience award, Hungarian Film Festival – Best Film award, Avanca – Portugal, – Best female actor, Avanca – Portugal