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Choi Sin Yi, Emilie | 蔡倩怡

Choi Sin Yi Emilie | 蔡倩怡  researcher, curator, critic & writer CHOI Sin-yi (Emilie) is a Hong Kong-based researcher, curator and critic concentrating on film art, moving images and time-based media in general. She graduated in 2014 from Lingnan University (major: Cultural Studies; minor: Cinema Studies) and worked as a cultural journalist for several years.…

Chow Ho-Fung John | 周皓風

Chow Ho Fung John | 周皓風 artist John Chow Ho Fung was born in 1996, Hong Kong. His works focus on the moving images (animation and videography in general), and especially experimenting with narrative techniques. He seeks the most intimate form of communication, in other words, his narrative method deliberately (and also subconsciously) transmits raw…

LI San-kit Andy | 李新傑

LI San-kit Andy | 李新傑 artist Li San-kit (Andy) was born in 1994, Hong Kong. From camera-based media, he develops his diverse forms of art practice. Photography, moving images and installations make up the interdisciplinary body of his work. Li’s works gaze at the essence of images critically. He contemplates the potential of images as…

Ding Cheuk-laam│丁卓藍

Ding Cheuk-laam│丁卓藍 focusing on videography and poetry 希望可以繼續用紙寫字,叫筆畫不要忘掉我 筆法有點離奇,每寸影像都可以叫鯨魚吃一口。 來,飲一杯酒。 一名念舊的人,金龜子的堅殼叫他忘懷自己, 每年五月都等著你們。 至於那位木頭人,聽說可以按著丹田發出一斤風。 聲來到,料理在桌上,鋪滿山頭,隨便採摘 來,呼一口花。 " In 2015, I knew about experimental videography, and I realised its nature could reflect the status of this society as well as our lives. Therefore, I decided to set it as my core exploration of my creative journey. However,…

Vicky Do | 杜薇 [overseas affiliate]

Vicky Do | 杜薇 videomaker, cartography practitioner, activist-translator Vicky (or Vi, in Vietnamese), born in Saigon, is a media artist with the focus on both still and moving images. She uses art as a response along her life journey. Vicky works with stories and images as a form of historic preservation, archival, and investigation. She’s…

Kel LOK Man-chung | 駱敏聰

Kel LOK Man-chung | 駱敏聰 artist Kel Lok Man Chung graduated from the School of Creative Media in the City University of Hong Kong in 2015. He was the core member of artist group “Moving Moving Image”. Committed to produce “low-fidelity” animation and strange installations. Love collecting weird stuffs on Taobao and learning new technical…


MMI Artist 動動像(Moving Moving Images) 是一個影像表演團體,表演時,演員和可移動的電視裝置,一同存在於舞台空間之中,在講故事,或只是在建構更簡單、原始的關係:影像、空間、人的三角關係。 在上海、台灣、廣州、香港均有演出經驗,包括第十一屆上海雙年展等。 Moving Moving Images (MMI) is a video art performance group. During our performance, actors and movable TV sets interact on the stage to tell a story, or rather, to construct something more simple: a relationship between moving images, spaces and human actors. We performed in numerous occasions in…

CHEUNG Yu-tsz │張妤子 [overseas artist, founding member]

CHEUNG Yu-tsz │張妤子 [overseas artist] Founding Member, Doodler 喜好任何關於互動媒體和科技相關、同時糾纏著框架敍事. 暫從另一經緯觀看世界重拾舊趣. 現居倫敦,從事動畫圖像設計。 Tsz loves everything connected with interaction and technologies, and yet engulfed in questions of narrative framework. Currently, she is recovering her old interests from another part of the world. Born and educated in Hong Kong, she is working in London right now as an…

Junko Theresa MIKURIYA│陳超敏 [overseas affiliate]

Junko Theresa MIKURIYA│陳超敏 [overseas artist] Photographer, Writer Junko Theresa Mikuriya acquired her passion for photography at the age of ten when she began developing and printing her own work. Born in Hong Kong, Theresa grew up in Taipei. She completed her BA degree in French at University College London and a MA in French literature…

WONG Lai-yee Yiva│黃禮儀

WONG Lai-yee Yiva│黃禮儀 Artist (video, installation) 。。。 。。。 。。。

LAI Wai-leung (Wai)│黎偉亮

LAI Wai-leung (Wai)│黎偉亮 General Manager, Writer 無憂無慮 無慾無求 無不良嗜好 無特殊技能 浸淫俗世經年 此刻,只想沖「好咖啡」。 No worries, no anxieties Not much to desire or to pursue Nor is there fixation of any sorts And no special skills to show Having immersed for years in this world of banality... At this very moment, all I want is to brew…

Jolene MOK│莫頌靈 [overseas artist, founding member]

Jolene MOK│莫頌靈 [overseas artist] Founding Member, Itinerant Artist, Videographer Jolene Mok (b. 1984) was born and raised in British Hong Kong. An experimental artist, she takes video art & experimental film as her major creative platforms. Mok earned her M.F.A. in Experimental & Documentary Arts at Duke University in 2013. She has been exposed to…

Lilian FU │ 傅詠欣 [overseas artist, founding member]

Lilian FU │ 傅詠欣 [overseas artist] Founding Member, Animation Artist (overseas: London) Since graduated from the School of Creative Media, the City University of Hong Kong in 2008, Lilian Fu has been an active animator with 10 years’ animating experience. She has won several awards in local competitions and international film festivals, including the IFVA…

Vanessa TSAI │蔡季妙 [overseas writer]

Vanessa TSAI │蔡季妙 [overseas writer] Writer, Overseas FP member (Taichung) Works across disciplines; Relies on words and photos to record life Believes in the good nature of human beings and loves interacting with people Takes joy in trying new things Loves nature Willing to use her energy to give society a bit more warmth 跨領域工作者/依賴文字和照片紀錄生活…

Hugo YEUNG Ming-him | 楊鳴謙

Hugo YEUNG Ming-him | 楊鳴謙 70% water, 6% audio engineer, 5% video editor, 5.7% computational artist, 3.3% musician, 10% nerd born (1993) and raised in Hong Kong emerging media artist focusing on exploring the possibilities of algorithms and computation as media to expand the aesthetic of cinematic (audio-visual) experience holds a Bachelor of Arts and…

LO Lai Lai Natalie | 勞麗麗

LO Lai Lai Natalie | 勞麗麗 Half-Farmer, Half (Artist/Journalist ) Lo Lai Lai Natalie is a former travel journalist. She is interested in the development of tourism and the construction of nature. She is a learner at the collective organic farm Sangwoodgoon (Hong Kong) where she also explores the lifestyle of ‘Half-Farming, Half-X’ – a…

LAI Chung Man Andio |黎仲民

LAI Chung Man Andio |黎仲民 Artist I dreamt to be an economist, a guitarist, comic artist or designer whatever, but these are all obsolete now. andiolai.com

c8400 [overseas affiliate]

c8400 Overseas Affiliate c8400 (* 1982) is a media artist of Czech/German origin, currently living and working in Cologne, Germany. It holds an PhD in Creative Media from the City University of Hong Kong, an MFA in Intermedia Art from the Academy of Fine Arts in Prague as well as a BA degree in Business…

WONG Chun Hoi | 王鎮海

WONG Chun Hoi | 王鎮海 Artist playing with electronics and sound / Artistic Engineer @ Floating Projects / Sound designer / Occasional curator 生於1990, 畢業於城市大學創意媒體學院,主修批判性跨媒體實驗室。創作道路尚在摸索中,暫以悲憤作為創作源動力。作品主要涉及聲音和電子零件,視坦白為創作原則。現為「據點・句點」藝工程師,期望跟其他藝術創作相輔相成。互相學習。 Wong Chun Hoi (b.1990) was graduated from the School of Creative Media in City University of Hong Kong in 2012, majored in Critical Intermedia Laboratory. He treats Anger as the…

LAM Kin Choi│林建才

LAM Kin Choi│林建才 Installation, media and illustration artist Kinchoi Lam (b.1988) is an artist based in Hong Kong. He graduated in 2012 from the School of Creative Media, the City University of Hong Kong, a major at the Critical Intermedia Laboratory. His art mainly focuses on the intimate aspects of our daily life, while seeking…

YAN Wai Yin Winnie | 忻慧妍

YAN Wai Yin Winnie | 忻慧妍 writer + potato working on moving images and animations my desk = laptop + light box + lamp + pencils + pocket sketchbook + overdue/unread books + postcards + chocolate bars + empty panadol boxes + bonbon + mugs + memos + 呀波(bo1) (my little potted plant) Yan Wai…

LAU Ching Wa Jess | 劉清華

LAU Ching Wa Jess | 劉清華 Media and illustration artist LAU Ching-wa Jess b.1991 jessaminelcw@gmail.com Jess Lau Ching-wa was born in 1991, Hong Kong. She explores the fading time, memories and the ever changing urban landscapes as subject matters, focuses on the qualities of different medias and the possibilities of their textures. She usually works with…

Linda C.H. LAI | 黎肖嫻 [Founder, Artist]

Linda C.H. LAI | 黎肖嫻 Project Experimenter, Writer, Artist, FPC Founder Linda Chiu-han LAI, Associate Professor in Intermedia Arts at the City University of Hong Kong’s School of Creative Media (SCM), is a research-based interdisciplinary artist. After completing her Ph.D. in Cinema Studies at New York University, she has sought meaningful connective extension to other relevant artistic and theoretical…

WONG Fuk Kuen | 黃福權

WONG Fuk Kuen | 黃福權 Sound Artist | Web developer Fuk-kuen's art practices are motivated by an unknown realm free of the constructed and full of perceptual richness, may this be his interest in sound and space or the un-containable, as a way of his expression. https://fukkuen.com

LEE Kai Chung | 李繼忠

LEE Kai Chung | 李繼忠  Artist Lee Kai Chung researches historical events and figures. He addresses the lack of proper governance on records and pending legislation of Archives Law. Through performance, documentation and installation, Lee considers individual gesture as a form of political and artistic transgression that resonates with the pre-existing narratives of history and story.…

Gyorgy PALOS [overseas artist]

Gyorgy PALOS [overseas artist] Filmmaker / Documentarian / Writer, Critic / Photographer / Cinematographer / Producer / Overseas Artist (Hungary) Gyorgy Palos, Hungarian, was born in Cairo, Egypt. Producer, film director, director of photography, sriptwriter, photographer, he has over twenty-five years of experience in the film industry, has been awareded the prestigious Bela Balazs Award and…