Wilderness Poems #4, image & text by Manifesto 2 artist Natalie Chao 錄像宣言2創作人趙芷妮《荒野詩》系列作品 4.

Close your eyes and tell me… / Natalie A. Chao


Close your eyes and tell me…

What do the woods smell like?

You know how sometimes
when you fall on the grass,
and then you get a grass stain —
it sort of smells like that
with water.

What does it sound like?

Like birds are chirping,
they are talking to each other saying
good morning

What does it feel like?

Sometimes it feels like a sting
you can touch a thorn
but sometimes it feels soft like a leaf…
there is a plant that when you touch it
closes up
and then opens up

we have one on gram’s path.



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