Category / Coffee Fantasia 咖啡經

個人沈溺可以是有趣的,只要分享,找你的「專家」同路人。咖啡,只是個起頭、代號…。又或你有呷一杯茶的瞬間可以吞吐的一個臨時想法。Everything about coffee… … Coffee plants. Coffee beans. Coffee plantation. Roasted beans. Fair trade. Genesis of coffee drinking. Coffee pots. Coffee cups. Coffee makers. Hand-crafted coffee. Coffee-drinking culture. Coffee and health. Coffee as medicine. Coffee as leisure. Discourse ownership of coffee culture. History of cafes. Politics of world produces. First generation coffee culture. Second generation coffee culture. Third generation coffee culture. Fourth generation coffee culture. Connoisseur perspective. Political history of coffee culture. Coffee academy. Barista. Cafes. Coffee furniture. Coffee-table books. … We are joking!!! Replace “coffee” with any noun — personal obsessions of yours. A tentative thought that may fuel up the slow sip of a cuppa.