Linda Lai / From “Essay Film” to “Video Essay” 2: an expanded history of presentational immediacy and causal efficacy 從「散文電影」到「錄像文章」二:表達的即時性與因果功效的追求

The video essay is an expanding category, from the “film essay” named in the 1960s, generally considered non-fiction, to possible renewal of late 19th-C traveling lecture events which embraces pedagogic as much as fun purposes. Video essay is a form of “direct action” for the here and now, a critical response to the crisis of moving image as mnemontechnics (memory machines) that undermines our agency. 據點的《平地數碼》(2020年11月只2021年6月)志在翻開「散文電影」的系譜溯源,通過延伸的想像,擴大今時今日「錄像文章」的可用性以至成為如何活在當下的據點,對知識的守護和創造採取直接行動。請留意11月5日錄像文章比賽的正式發佈。