Linda Lai / Video Essays as a Minor Literature 《平地數碼》。平地素馬,塵埃落定透微言。

Minority or majority is not about numbers. Majority practices could often be the conventions set by the minority few whereas what is broadly held may not be represented as “majority” positions. Being in the minority is not being weak. A “minor literature,” to Deleuze, is a strategic position whereby “de-territorialization” begins. 多數或少數與數量無關;多數人奉行的操作可以是少數人所決定的,而大部分人視以為閒常的,未必為主導主流所涵蓋以至突顯。特勒茲論述中的「少數文學」是個可用的據點,是語言表述活動的「反山頭主義式佔領」的開始。