Manifesto 2 team / Documentary impulses: what to remember, how to remember (1) 紀錄的衝動:如何記住,記憶的實作(一)

Manifesto 2 artists have started to meet on-line to examine the what, why and how of their videographic practices as ways to remember. This is the first of a series to report on the artists’ conversations. We kick off with team-members’ words from Linda Lai, Winsome Wong and Elaine Wong on how they envision the project. 「錄像宣言2」的創作者的在線對話已經啟動,將在此園地陸續發表。首先,團隊成員的其中三位 – 黎肖嫻、黃慧心、黃淑賢 — 先來道出這次計劃點滴心思與憧憬。