關於據點。句點 About Floating Projects

Founded in 2010 and reinvented in 2015 by artist Linda C.H. Lai with a dozen of emerging artists, including Wong Chun-hoi, Hugo Yeung and Bill Tam, the Floating Projects is a 170m2 artistic production site in Wong Chuk Hang answering the question: what can artists do with an empty unit in an industrial building with institutionally and physically defined constraints? 成立於2010年的「句點」於2015年由黎肖嫻重組,發起新一輪的實驗,新加入十幾位才藝各不同的年青藝術創作者,如王鎮海、楊鳴謙、譚永標等,進駐黃竹坑一工廈一個1800尺的「藝術工場」。到底在一個土地用途受規管,祇有基本設置的空單位裡,除了標準白格子展覽空間或畫廊之外,還可以做些甚麼?這是我們走在一起的誘因,然後憑著好奇心、實驗的意決,對今時今日香港社會和藝壇,認定個人可作的特殊貢獻…。
Floating Projects site view - 2015 July
Floor plan - Floating Projects Art Production Site @ Wong Chuk Hang

FPC – the latest project team

Linda Lai 黎肖嫻 (Founder, Project Experimenter), Wong Chun-hoi 王鎮海 (Artistic Engineer), Lai Wai-leung 黎偉亮 (General Manager)

Artists: Arkajolie, Queenie Chan 陳君妮, Cheuk Wing-nam 卓穎嵐, Ding Cheuk-lam丁卓藍, Vicky Do 杜薇, Andio Lai 黎仲民, Kelvin Lam 林建才, Jess Lau劉清華, Lee Kai-chung李繼忠, Natalie Lo 勞麗麗, Kel Lok 駱敏聰, Wong Chun-hoi 王鎮海, Wong Fuk-kuen 黃福權, Pat Wong(飛天豬), Yiva Wong 黃禮儀, Winnie Yan 忻慧妍, Hugo Yeung 楊鳴謙, case-open-close, Bill Tam 譚永標 & MMI (Moving Moving Image)

Writers: Vanessa Tsai 蔡季妙 (Tai Chung), Allison H. (Taipei), Winnie Yan 忻慧妍, Lai Wai-leung 黎偉亮, Linda Lai 黎肖嫻 …

Founding Members: Linda Lai 黎肖嫻, Jolene Mok 莫頌靈, Lilian Fu 傅詠欣, Cheung Yu-tsz 張妤子

Floating Projects Collective (FPC): an incubator for interdisciplinary arts
句點: 一個探索跨界藝術創作的據點

¤ an experiment on dynamic community 探討多方位群體的實驗場
¤ a meeting point for artists, curators and writers 藝術家、策展人、作家、理論家的交匯處
¤ a testing ground for young, emerging art practitioners 年輕新進藝術創作者的開拓園地

FPC upholds rigorous mutual critique, and an approach to art-making that views a work as always in-progress with generative potentials.
FPC seeks for interdisciplinary models in artistic creation. We combine action research with art-making: art is participation and engagement, and not confined to a specific medium.
FPC explores the needs and situations of young emerging artists and addresses them through meetings, forums, exhibitions and writing.

句點鼓勵藝術家之間自發、雙向的評論與交流, 並倡導“持續延展式創作”的理念,視所有藝術創作為永遠在進行中,可持續張開,有延伸發展下去的潛質。

FPC program – L.E.A.F.S. [WANCHAI phase 2010.02-2014.10]

FPC’s activities in the Wanchai phase began in February 2010. Our event could be summarized as “L.E.A.F.S.

句點由2010年2月開始其工作室活動。我們的項目可以分成 “L.E.A.F.S.” 五項。

LABORATORY 實驗室*[now WORKSHOP, STOCK-TAKING and ARTISTIC PRODUCTION/2015年6月重組為「工作室」、「點子上倉」、「實驗場」]

– young/emerging artists engaging selected audience with relevant expertise to discuss their works-in-progress (open call); a platform for in-depth discussion for on-going artistic experimentation // If you have a proposal, please contact: contact@floatingprojectscollectiven.net
– 年輕新進藝術家可以公開邀請觀眾以及相關人士到場探討其意念; 或展示進行中的創作,尋求朋輩間深入討論。歡迎隨時提交議案,請電郵∶ contact@floatingprojectscollective.net

EXHIBITION 展覽*[now WIP Inspection, STOCK-TAKING and PARTNERSHIP/2015年6月重組為「句點。定期發表」、「點子上倉」、據點演繹」]

– maturing work by FPC members and friends published with curatorial input
– 完成作品會聯同其他藝術家作品公開展出

FORUM 討論會*[now WORKSHOPS, STOCK-TAKING and PARTNERSHIP/2015年6月重組為「工作室」、「點子上倉」、「據點演繹」]

– talks/seminars/workshops; whenever there’s an expert available; objective: to open up new horizons of art
– 講座/座談/工作坊;邀請不同媒體、藝術、學科、軟硬知識的專家,目的是可以開放更多創作方式及視野。

STUDIO 工作間*[now WORKSHOPS, STOCK-TAKING and ARTISTIC PRODUCTION/2015年6月重組為「工作室」、「點子上倉」、「實驗場」]

– 4 artists developing their art projects with regular mutual critique // continuous, on-going // FPC members’ conversations on art-making will sometimes be documented and posted on the website as ART NTOES entries.
– 持續性: 四位藝術創作者進行她們的藝術創作。閉門的定期討論,若與藝術創作有關,將在“藝文談唱”部份發表。

ART NOTES 藝文談唱*[now expanded to FLOATING TEATIME with 5 sessions: “Art Notes,” “Personally Speaking,” “Seriously Speaking,” “Coffee Fantasia” and “Eat Well Drink Well” /2015年6月擴闊為《據點一杯茶》,共5個分類:「藝文談暢」、「私物語」、「大聲發表」、「咖啡經」和「吃好喝好透心涼」]

– The featured post on our website. This is a platform devoted to free writing on moving image, contemporary art, cultural events, sound and music, literature and media/art theories. Young, emerging as well as mature writers share the same platform. We promote writing methods and styles that need not be confined to the binary opposites of journalistic-versus-academic genre division. Every writer should have her/his own voice and sensibilities, mobilizing her/his own cognitive and perceptual resources. Our plan is that the accumulation of writings over time should lead to regular, purposeful seminars and workshops to discuss what it means by art-writing and what to do with it.
一個發表的平台,環繞文化藝術創作課題,評論、隨筆、散記、理論陳述、特寫…以至跨類型的實驗性體裁均可。強調不同寫作人發展個別獨立的聲音,不必依附雜誌學術悠閒理論等不必要的割裂界分;也無須以年齡輩分去辨析書寫。宏亮、多聲度。這是“藝文談唱” 的理念。

This page is edited by Linda Lai. To contribute to ART NOTES, please send to: lindalai@floatingprojectscollective.net


句點 –> 據點。句點 FPC (Floating Projects Collective) –> FP (Floating Projects) 2015.06 – 

In June 2015, a dozen more young artists joined FPC to start a new round of experiments in an industrial premise in Wong Chuk Hang, mission titled “Floating Projects.” To comply with the Lands Department’s restrictions on landuse, FP is primarily a site for artistic production whereas our work-in-progress (WIP) will be intermittently shared to the public in our open-door “Floating Events.” Whether we are in the middle of artistic production or showing WIP of FPC members and friends, visitors are welcome to chat, hang out, use our library or access our on-site digital archive, every day 2:00-8:00pm except Mondays.